Monday, February 20, 2006

The Toaster Streudel

This is just the intermission. I am carefully crafting a new post - which requires that I do some research. Scary huh?

Harry has grown tremendously fond of this bit of instant gratifiation in a box. A toaster streudel is a little pastry you pop into the toaster and then smear with frosting. They are sold as breakfast foods, but I recoil at that possibility. Harry has grown particularily find of them and it serves well with ice-cream for a really sinful treat,

If you snip the top of the little frosting packet you can actually decorate the top of your toaster streudel. At first, I'd craft his name. Next time , when he'd ask "Can I have a toaster turtle mom?"
and then, when I am in my good mommy mood and it is not anywere near a meal that can be potentially spoiled, I say "Sure"
"And can you draw on the top for me"
So when the toaster pops, he instructs me on which design he'd fancy.
"This time mom, try Paramount."
You know, the movie company logo, complete with mountain and halo of stars.
"What about your name?"
"Okay, that will do."
Today his request
"You Can!" He made sure I included the exclaimation mark.

And of course he gets bonus points for optimism.


hotboy said...

Interesting juxtaposition! In the drawing you're asked to do of a mountain, stream and house, the mountain is supposed to represent ambition, I think. Paramount? Then YOU CAN! Tell the kid he can be my agent as soon as he can spell diarrheouaoa. Hotboy

MC Etcher said...

Awww! You should totally send this story to the toaster strudel company!

robmcj said...

This invention hasn't reached the UnHeard Of Islands yet. Mystified, I googled without success for a picture of a toaster streudel. I found the manufacturer's site, but all they had was a photo of a wrapper. Can you post a picture some time? That would help.