Thursday, February 23, 2006

Did I say I was going to do research?


I am too ambitious for my own good.

From the kids:

"Whats a meteor?"
"Mom, what's a gravity field?"
"Can we have a Cryogenic Sleep chamber too?"
"How do you reprogram?"
"Whats a Zorgon?"

Zathura is a very cool movie, but beware, advanced degree in Astrophysics needed.

And I thought the birds and the bees were tough...exactly how to you explain gravity to a 5 year old? And yes, I already tried dropping a number of objects and saying "See! There is gravity" I get the 5 year old blank stare in return...the one that says "mom, I am waiting for this brilliant answer of yours".


MC Etcher said...

Even astrophysicists can't explain gravity. "Gravitons" yeah right.

hotboy said...

Zorgon is a name I used once for a king! Wonder what it really means.Hotboy

Stephen (aka Q) said...

Tell him that every object pulls on every other object. Maybe he won't care, but I still remember my high school physics teacher dropping a ping pong ball and explaining that the earth was rising toward the ping pong ball even as the ping pong ball was falling toward the earth.

It's just that ping pong balls have so little mass, they exert only a very tiny pull. So the earth doesn't move very much, you see. But it moves toward the ping pong ball. Really. Such a small amount that you couldn't possibly measure it. Unless that teacher was feeding me a heaping helping of BS.

Of course, now that I'm with Mary P. I've discovered there are other ways to make the earth move. But I think I'm losing my train of thought …