Monday, October 17, 2005

I've got 15 minutes to create a genuis post

So when in doubt...aim low I say. That way, if you know you're heading for disappointment, then you won't be surprised when you get there.

I said something like "What post is coming on the heels of this conversation, is clearly beyond me." And you know what...I took myself seriously this time. I actually found myself thinking about this...frequently. No no...not about pussies...but my next post. So I figured that the following post will be about absolutely nothing at all...just like a Seinfeld episode...except not as clever and not all that funny.

In about 10 minutes I am going to begin my nightly routine of doing homework with Owen and Harry. It's a good excuse to spend some honest one on one time with them...and with the furious, tasmanian devilesque multitasking that I have been preoccupied with since Eric left town...I'll take all the sit on my duff time that I can get.

Blogging with my students is going well. We're somewhat preoccupied in dealing with course content as of late, but in a couple classes I am going to lead the class to think about their writing more self consciously. One student was telling me today that some of her entries get her mind whirling so fast, while others are mundane and a little humdrum. I thought about this for a second and told her this was absolutely normal. And, she would not have those insightful moments if she did not slog thorough the boring stuff. And this is what I am creating here folks...intentional boring stuff...just so I can say I met my goal for the write a boring post. And you know what...its satisfying to know that I did meet that goal with four minutes to spare.



Eric said...

Nothing to report...this is a boring comment. I'm so bored...

Heather said...

Here is something exciting...To the vomitorium!! Let pukefest '05 begin. Aidan woofed all over the new couch. And I am feeling not so great myself.

My predictions coming true..of course.

Eric said...

Oh! Great Seer! Hooray for your clairvoyance to get the new couch coated with anti-stain formula...

Can you foretell that the sickness will be brief and painless?

hotboy said...

Dearie me! Sorry about the puking! Sorry about the couch. I bet you thought it was getting boring as well. Hotboy

Stephen (aka Q) said...

I'm still thinking about it frequently, too … pussies, I mean.

Sorry to hear about "pukefest '05". Hope all is well soon.

robmcj said...

Dear Heather's Mum, I have achieved closure and moved on from the p-word etc. Eric has helped me realise that I'm actually pretty normal after all, certainly compared with the bonsai kitten person.

I'm concerned that I may be even more boring than I feared, since I actually found Heather's post pretty interesting (sorry Heather), especially with the marsupials and the student blogging.

Heather - in these parts they call it chundering. Does that help?

Mary P. said...

Yup, boring, though who hasn't seen even boringer posts written by people who were trying to be interesting?

Your comments, now, those are really interesting! Let's hope the pukefest is a bust.

Eve O'Lution said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. From your profile I see that, like me, you get a buzz out of completing little projects. My funnest days at work are when there are a few dozen trivial jobs to be done, and I get most or all finished.

Another Green World - yes! Before And After Science is good too by Eno.

Nice little community of commenters you have here. Some of them are hilarious.

I am still trying to find your academic blog. Maybe it isn't public.