Monday, February 16, 2009

Family night

I'm going to give Monday at the Movies a little vacation. I like to share a documentary that has recently challenged me to flex my thought muscle, or at least a topic that is somewhat relevant to my circumstances. This week, bah, nothing. So instead of faking it, I thought I'd like say fuck it. I mean, it is my website after all.

So picture this. A small futon-sofa. On it you can see a 41 year old man, an 8 yr old, a 6 yr old a 10 year old and a 38 yr old woman wielding a joystick. Oh yeah, the cat was there too. Imagine an orange fluffy cat there too. Everyone is staring at a flat screen tv. Except for maybe the cat. The cat is licking his ass or something.

Now listen closely, this is what you will be able to hear

"Go South! Look in that vase! Probe it!"
"No no no no! Don't cast shadow, he has better magic than that!"
"Why do all the women have such big boobs? And why don't they jiggle?"
"Just press the button when the two circles meet! No not like that!"
"Did you check over there? What about in that place?"
"I don't want to put Cooke in the formation, Ming has composite magic"

Hey! Monday at the movies!

Of course we all read Japanese. That's how amazingly cool we are. And yes, that is my nose growing...


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