Saturday, February 14, 2009

Evil thoughts.

Aidan and I were strolling down the mall, on our way out, when I heard it.
"Sounds like some kind of animal", I said to him.
Then the crowd parted and the source of the guttural screaming was revealed. A toddler, stiffened, arms and legs out straight and in the throes of a primal scream session. Wow. I remember those days. I was that mother. I summoned some compassion, since I remember that feeling of wanting to disappear, or at the very least having the ill tempered child disappear. Oh I remember it well.

And the worst of all. I felt joy. That it wasn't me.

There is a special space in the nine realms of hell for me.


Reluctant Housewife said...

And I'll be right there with you. My youngest had a terrible tantrum phase. I'm just so happy it's over, it was such a struggle.

Hotboy said...

My kiddo didn't do tantrums much. Even the terrible twos weren't so terrible. But now that she's well launched ... what freedom! Hotboy

twinutero said...

Well, you could have been watching me and any one of my three boys. But I forgive you - and I'll be just as joyful when the phase passes.