Friday, January 02, 2009

Reviews from the Geeky Pansy Gamer

During the harsh cold winter months, I spend time on the XBox. Lots of time on the Xbox. I only like to play very particular games, and I would not consider myself, by any stretch, to be a hardcore gamer. I'm quite a pansy when it comes to gaming, but I like to play nonetheless. My preferred genre is RPG (Role playing games). I don't really like FPS (First Person Shooter) type games - you know where you run around landscapes killing things indiscriminately, with that being the primary objective. Most RPG games today have a FPS element in it, but its not the dominant form of game play. The other thing about gaming is that Harry loves to watch me play. So, its something that we often do together. If he is particularly hooked on a game, he'll go on line, and find out more about how to solve quests and new places to explore. Someday, maybe, we'll play together. For the time being, he's my guide.

The Myst Series
I first played this on the computer, but now I think you play this on playstation and Xbox. This is the best game to play if you want to avoid combat altogether. Basically, you are in a lush imaginative world, where you are required to solve a primary quest. It mostly involves solving puzzles, great mechanical puzzles that open doors and portals that enable you to explore other worlds. The soundtrack is beautiful, and sometimes, you can be taken aback by the pure beauty of the graphics. There is very little interaction with other characters - you are either deserted or stuck in a landscape and your goal is to find your way out. The puzzles are challenging as well. Sometimes you come upon a puzzle and have to figure out what it does, and how it related with other puzzles on the island. Finally, you can't die in this game. So, you can focus all your energy on solving the puzzles. All in all, if you do not like the feeling of being hunted, this is the game for you!

Final Fantasy XII

Harry and I were addicted to this game a couple of years ago. Its loads of fun. Lots of battle, but for this battle-adverse gamer, its pretty easy to master and even get good at. You will die in this game, and sometimes you need to play a level a bunch of times to get through it (if its vital to the primary story arc). It gets pretty repetitive towards the end, especially if you have mastered the battle scenes, and its just a matter of finishing the story. Lots of territory to explore, interesting "bosses" - these are the mega creatures that you battle on occasion, usually indicating a turn in the story. All the women are scantily clad though. There is this bunny woman called Fran who runs around with a thong and high heels. Its fiction after all.

Fable 2

I just started playing this game. Its a blast. Its a little like final fantasy, but with some element of the SIMS. You have to interact with townspeople, get them to like you (they give you gifts). In this game, you can have sex with characters - and you can acquire condoms! I have not actually done this yet, so I don't know how much there is to witness. I think the screen just blacks out. Nothing pornographic. Otherwise, this will be the game that will keep me entertained for a couple of months this winter.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

This is by far the penultimate in Fantasy RPG games. I find myself comparing all games with this one. Oblivion captures all the best of these games and creates an environment that you can get lost in. I've been playing this for a year and I have still not finished, and I am on level 13! You can explore and search just about anything. Collect plants to make potions, create your own custom made magic. Gaming does get a little repetitive after a while, which is why I started playing Fable 2. But I will finish Oblivion. Don't start to play this if you want a short-lived affair. I imagine my relationship with oblivion will continue for years to come! This is a massive game, well thought out. Harry is still addicted too, and knows all the cheat sites as well!

My reviews...know of any worth investing in?


Hotboy said...

We haven't got broadband yet, but we will get it in the New Year maybe. Even if it went straight into my brain, I can't see the point of this. Is this something I'm missing or is it like comics, something for ... I'm not there yet anyway. Instead of meditating, I'm drinking myself to death. Are you playing video games things? These days I can't read a book, so this video game advert is too munch concentration for me! Hotboy

Hotboy said...

X-box? What is that? Is everyone supposed to know? Hotboy

Reluctant Housewife said...

Great reviews!

Happy New Year!

onan the bavarian said...

Hi Heather. What a great way to relate to a child and have a lot of fun. The only game I ever played was Unreal, but I gave that up when I got RSI in my trigger hand. I've often thought of buying a cheap copy of Myst, maybe now I will. Happy New Year.