Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Quantum of me = ?

What happened to my week? Ah, that's what happens when you are the hamster on the wheel of work. What kept me interested this week? Quantum Physics...again. Must be my new kick. They (the ones who can do the actual calculations) - are tweaking the big bang theory. See, theorists are puzzled at what was going on before the universe goes pop! Apparently, it would be a singularity of infinite gravity and mass. But the current equations say that such is impossible. Anyway, now the new theory is the Big Bounce. A universe collapses toward a singularity and just before it does, pop! Another universe forms out of the old. And on this heartbeat goes until cosmologists determine otherwise. This will keep the museum of creation science scratching their heads for a while.

So, they say that the universe if filled with infinite possibilities (thanks to string theory) Is it possible to run out of ideas, because I think I have. I've been trying to redesign my masthead, new layout. I have the structure done...but no revelations are going pop! with regard to the masthead.

I have to buy groceries this week. My urges say that I would like some interesting food for dinner eating. But so far, nothing interesting comes to mind.

And of course there is working...what the hell am I going to do with myself there?

I need something akin to a gas bar where I can fill-er-up with some new ideas. Sorry folks, I don't drink. I think that only worked for James Joyce. Timothy Leary's method has also been used (many moons past) and I don't think I would be a very good role model for the boys. (But they would have something really fascinating to tell their shrink in later years...something far more interesting than "my mother just ran out of ideas one day.")


growingupartists said...

For me, it's this unrelenting weather. I've kind of relaxed into chocolate covered marshmallow eating, letting somebody else get the credit for the most magnificent invention on earth. I'll think in colors when it starts warming up.

Hotboy said...

Most interested in that bounce theory. I think the Dalai was asked about the big bang and buddhism once and said the big bang was okay, but was there only one? Hotboy

Anonymous said...

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The Blonde Duck said...

Saw your comment on creationalism on Growing Up artists and had to pop in and say hi1

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