Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nothing like a little insanity with your Antiques Roadshow

So last night, I was curled up on the sofa, and NOT watching the internet for a change. It was Monday. Antiques Roadshow night. About halfway through, my eyes were lolling shut, drifting into a velvety sleep, when Aidan pops over, crying. I sat up, just a little disoriented. He had Eric's cell phone. And he was crying. I asked what was wrong. "I called 911"

"You did what?"

Then he cried harder and ran to bed. I sat there for a minute to digest just what had occurred. And then I thought about the ramifications of what had just happened. Was my house going to be surrounded by a SWAT team? The fire brigade? Eric was at the Buffalo lodge - his order of Buffaloes meets every Monday for a curling bonispiel, and I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised that they wore the blue fuzzy hats. Then I heard Aidan whaling. So I went to see him, and of course try to create some profound teachable moment that the LDS Church could proudly film for one of their commercials.

"Aidan, you call 911 when you need to call the police, like when you are in trouble, or if you need a fireman if there is a fire."

"Mom! Don't be silly! I don't need the POLICE"
And then he added "I needed a BANDAID"

I bit my lip. I think I coughed instead of laughed. And then Eric's cell phone rang.

It was a very nice lady from 911, who told me she had a very nice conversation with Aidan who is 6 years old. Of course, I was mortified. She also let me know that he needed a band-aid, and wanted to make sure that everything was okay. I assured her that the situation was under control. She also urged me not to get angry at him, because she did not want him to be afraid to call in case he ever *really* needed to. I think I was mortified, because I heard these rumors that people get charged these huge fines for calling 911 inappropriately.

Nothing like a little insanity with your Antiques Roadshow.


the weirdgirl said...

I've also heard you get fined for calling 911, so it's really nice the lady called you back.

Don't you LOVE those emotional night time moments? It's like are they really awake?, are they really hurt?, what?.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope they don't fine you, it's good that he knew to phone - and he did have a reason (just not one grownups would agree with!)

Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm enjoying yours and will be back!

Hotboy said...

YOu'll end up on a list on the teevee. They have adverts here like that to embarrass folk about non-serious calls. Someone called t he ambulance service because they needed a bandaid! That's a good one! Hotboy

Reluctant Housewife said...

I've heard that, too - about the fines, I mean. It's nice to know they're understanding about little kids' and their slightly different view of "emergency".