Monday, December 15, 2008

A little like Cortez

Saturday marked the final leg of the longest week in recorded history. It was a week marked by snow, and snow blowing, more snow, torrential rain, and freezing rain. On Friday the driveway contained a driveway size slush-puppy. Those puppies are hard to shovel. I figured snow blowing would just make things...messy. So, after the kids and I lolled about the house on Saturday, I announced we were going to the mall, to pick up a few groceries, eat out (hell yeah!) and then a journey to the Dollarama (the best place to be... for discount retail therapy...). The boys were all up for that.

So off we went to the grocery store. I opted to lock my purse in the car. Anyone with three kids of any sex, will understand that two free hands is generally thought to be good planning. So wallet in pocket...we were set! I scooted here and there, getting some supplies for the upcoming week, and back to the car we went after I paid.

"It's cold in the car, we can leave the stuff here while we go and have supper. It's just like a fridge".

I stuck my hand in my pocket for my keys, and then in the other. Quickly, I searched both pockets again. No keys. Keys in my purse. Purse locked in car.

Then I had to break it to the kids. Panic washed over Harry's face. Aidan's eyes filled with tears. Owen decided he was going to announce it to everyone he saw...which I was quick to quash. I recall Eric mentioning that he was going to leave his keys at home, since he did not need them. So I dragged the shopping cart back to the curb, and announced that we were getting a taxi. Hail one taxi. Check. Remind Owen not to tell the cab driver. Check. The kids did not say a word all the way home. They were traveling into the unknown, and, I suppose, they were totally consumed with thoughts about how the hell we were going to get out of this one.

Having a combination lock on at least one entrance is also a very good thing to have parents. If you lock your keys in your vehicle, you will not be guaranteed to be locked out of your house. Which would have really sucked. Once inside, I ordered the kids to put the groceries away, while I found the keys. Because of the circumstances, I have never seen them engage in a chore with that much concerted effort. Impressive. Next, find Eric's secret key hiding spot. He's a little like a mouse, finding the most unlikely of nooks to store things. And in one swoop, ta da! Keys! I announced "FOUND THEM!" The kids (literally) jumped for joy and I called for a taxi.

Even though I was internally shitting my pants the entire time, not once did I reveal my utter panic. Every time the kids asked "What are we going to do?", I'd say "I don't know, I'll think of something. Think of this as an adventure". Perhaps Cortez kept a collected facade too, when he landed in the new world, and met up with Montezuma. But I bet you he was shitting his pants on the inside.

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Hotboy said...

It's great not to be a responsible person anymore, or ever in my case! Hotboy