Thursday, November 02, 2006

Do babies come out this way?

You can tell it is day 2 post Halloween...the mouse is sticky. Yech. Guess that will compel me to type more, surf less. Notice that the option of washing it is not there.

This morning, I jumped in bed with Harry by way of trying to rouse him. Gone are the days when they wake me up. Now that I am on the other side of the sleep threshhold, I have to admit, that both sides suck equally. Anyway, so I jump in bed with him and his first conversation of the morning got right to the point. "Do babies come out this way?"

He quickly assumed what he thought was a fetal position, which looked somewhat like an Olympic high diver.

"No they come out head first"

This response caused a great deal of perplexion for Harry. "Well what comes out next?"

Notice he did not ask where they come out from. He is just started to get the idea that women have babies and daddies do all the help and take over when mommy is about to have a postpardum breakdown.

"Do you want to see a picture of a baby being born?" I asked.
"Sure!", we went downstairs together and I poured him a bowl of cereal. Sounds all wrong, but this did happen.

So, I remembered this birth story, complete with pictures. Its very well written and the pictures are pretty real. So there is your warning. I chose this one because its as normal of a birth as it gets. Just mom and dad, no white coats, no stirrups, scalpels and the like. Although Harry's birth was diametrically opposite to this experience, I thought her pictures were tasteful, and the least scary of the birth pictures. So I showed Harry. No comment really. He asked what that black stuff was...and relieved to know it was the baby's hair. Other than that, it was not shock and awe, but rather he digested it in the same way as he would looking at a picture of the Mercier Bridge. Right now he is listening to Twisted Sister. So, we might be able to conclude that his development is just a little left of center...right where I like it.

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hotboy said...

I thought you got them from a cabbage patch! Much better idea! Hotboy