Friday, November 17, 2006


Honestly, I have been plotting in my head what my next post is going to be about, and here it is. Sad, folks, sad news indeed. I've been fretting about posting about nothing, not that bloggers typically write about stuff other than nothing (don't you think that Blogging is Seinfeld writ virtually?) I can't even think about something remotely tangential or off the wall to write about. Of course I could bemoan the homework irk with Harry...his teacher in his report card suggested that completion thereof "Needed Improvement" and I felt fiesty enough to fire her off a letter to let her know that homework was the parents responsibility, and if she felt like telling us that our strategy needed improvement, then to direct that to us, and not to Harry. Let's be reminded that Harry is in a first year french emmersion program, and can't speak French, so he depends on Eric to do it.

Other than that...its work-home-work-home...and the kids are doing the same darned cute things over and over again that I have found myself noticing that my particular life has fallen into a proverbial rut, wherein that nothing dramatic, or traumatic is transpiring. Part of me, feels rather safe in this, meaning I have nothing to worry about, nor be pissed off at (with exception of Homework). There are of course issues that generate so little of my interest that I could not be bothered to even rehash in my bored state of mind (take for instance the Autism intervention program that Aidan is going to be in, and how I am oh so bored of hearing the same rhetoric about "typical kids do this and that" and Aidan does not...which is clearly an exaggeration on the part of the case-workers behalf, but I give them space to tell me this, and I promptly tell my mind to send the info to the recycle bin, since I am bored and could not care less to get riled or even debate these finer points. How quickly people characterize others, thats all I can say.)

I could drop this tasty morsel and mention e-learning Africa Conference in Nairobi this spring, I might be delegated from my office to go. More to come in these matters. Details are foggy...but I do have the carrot dangling in front of me.

And then of course I notice that blogger has spellcheck...and it is underlining the work spell check. Guess few of you will need to dance around my hasty typing now...because once a spelling mistake is made obvious to me, I of course cannot let it sit there, all underlined and obvious.

So thats it folks.

Bored, and perhaps thankful of it


hotboy said...

Nairobi won't be boring! Hotboy

robmcj said...

I've been losing the will to blog recently, but trust that it will pass. I expect the Nairobi thing would be just the thing to dispel the boredom.