Monday, October 23, 2006

A little bit of pen

A little pen mark totally pissed me off today. First, I don't think it is within the realm of the extrordinary to call homework for a student of grade one into question. The kid goes all day, and has so little time in the evening to unwind, do the bathing, eating thing..and do homework. If we decide to get out in the evening en masse, then homework is sacrificed. Personally, I don't think there is a helluva lot gained or lost doing it or not. And if he ain't getting it in class, sitting at home in this cathouse is not going to achieve it either. Someone in some unknown higher echelon deemed it was a good idea. There is not very much thought about what this homework is supposed to accomplish. It used to be finishing work that you did not complete at school, or doing research to enhance a topic being covered at school, or practicing a problem that you do not have time to do in class. Homework should not be required just for the sake of doing homework. It should not be obligatory when you are 6...nor should there be any pressure whatsover. So there was a troublesome and very annoying inked circle around the homework we did not get done..."NOT DONE (dated)". Good grief...he is printing letters for crying out loud! Whats the deal! Is he really going to miss out not writing P over and over? The kid has been reading since he was 5. He knows how to print, and print well. If he were reading Jean-Paul Sartre, I may have to agree with her. He is getting inked circles for not printing the letter P! Help us!

Argh. And why should MY decision to forgo Harry's work be written in HIS work?

IRKS me.

This is a good thing. This I would rather be irked with. Do you know what this means? That there is nothing to complain about at work...and its such a novel experience that I am obviously looking for things to get irked at.

She better watch out at Parent Teacher night. Oh yeah...skip that...its student led conferences, which means that Harry and I get to do his homework in his classroom and she sits at her desk minding her own business (oh, you don't know how serious I am about this). I think I will bring a copy of Nausee and get him started.

I think there needs some liberation here. Call in the comrades...all brothers and sisters of the first grade, rise up and resist...


hotboy said...

That's a better thing to be irked at than your work! Separating out the irkiness from stuff is hard. Great that your work isn't bothering you though! Hotboy

TrudyJ said...

What the HELL is a student-led conference on Parent-Teacher night?? Sounds like an idea that had better not migrate across the Gulf of St. Lawrence!

We do have a quite a bit of Gr 1 homework here though, and I do feel sometimes like it's homework for the sake of homework. Fortunatley my first-grader LOVES to do homework, or music practice, or any sort of assigned task. My third-grader, on the other hand ... let's not go there! Sometimes I give myself a gold star just for surviving homework time every evening.

robmcj said...

Is Nausee the Sartre novel? Brill!

Our boy never does homework at home, because the teachers get them to do all their homwork at school, during normal lesson time. I'm unsure whether that's a swindle or a smart odea, or both.