Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So how did the interview go?


Its hard to say. Added to this is I tend to act pessimistically, as an act of self preservation. I went into this interview with all the confidence in the world. I answered the "So tell me a bit about yourself" brilliantly, I thought. And I showed I was able to think quickly on my feet. They gave me a situation and a "what would you do?" - and I started brainstorming. Then there were a whole slew of questions regarding my ability to fund raise, market and do a budget. I can barely balance a cheque book. So, I gave 'em my best answer - that I am a go get-em I can learn anything sort of attitude...said much more eloquently mind you. I think I said something to the following:
"When I looked at this advertisement, I saw these responsibilities and thought that since I am strong in other areas, that these are just the areas that I need to learn about to grow on my career path"...which is a hybrid answer of utter B.S and truth. In all honesty, when I initially read this, I thought "oh shit...I know dick about this..."

When I looked at this qualifications for this job, the top ones involved research. The financial stuff is much later in the list. So, Is a job advert like everything else...that the important stuff goes first, not mid-way down the list? And from the sound of the interview, the position resembles more like a program director's job - at a much much lower pay scale, than a program assistant. So, then I wonder, if lack of experience in some areas would be expected? I think I would much rather hire someone who needed to learn more about budgets and fundraising, than someone who had no proven history of research and curriculum development, or zero people skills. I was going to post a link to a pdf of the advert (editted to remove the insitution name/place etc.) But, I decided against. You just never know.

So who knows how it went. I feel pretty bummed out to be honest, although I must say that the interview went really really well. I was on top of everything. I had done my homework, read up on the College of Extended learning, figured out what they did, what kind of courses they offered, I even knew quite a few people who taught there, so I got bonus points very early on. I heard that you can make your case for a job in the first five minutes, so if that is the case, I think I did well. I also did show and tell - and showed my teaching dossier, which I composed in three weeks - which I think is also a bonus. I am dwelling deeply on what I have no experience doing, and figuring this will work against me...because usually it does!! I should know by the end of the week.

And on the way home, a rock flew into my windshield and left a nice little spider-like crack. The rest of my afternoon was spent at the Glass - shop. And then I come home to find out my best friend's 2 yr old has had Kawasaki disease these past three weeks.

So maybe the negativity is being misdirected?

Thanks for the vibes, I certainly rode them well.

That then leads me to my next question...what exactly does one DO with a vibe??


MC Etcher said...

It sounds like you did very well at the interview! Cool!

What does one do with a vibe? If it's a good one, you pass it on to someone else who needs it!

robmcj said...

At least now it's in the lap of the gods and there's nothing more you can do. Story of my whole life.

hotboy said...

God, they won't have a chance! Tell them to surrender right away. You're so right in the face of this unemployment thing, it hasn't got a hope in hell. Of course, I was always just a dishwasher, so maybe getting those jobs is easier! Hotboy p.s. You'll get this or the next one!