Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Now is the time to apply your telepathic prowess

Now would be the time to send forth all your positive 'Go get 'em" vibes. My interview is tomorrow. At 10:30 AST. Set your alarms and send out those influential thoughts.

I have been researching much on Rasputin as of late. I've read annecdotes that he had a stare so hypnotic that it influenced the great family of the Czars to do his bidding. I am thinking this would be the best skill to have at this time. There of course, will be time to learn new ones. Astral porjection, telepathy and telekinesis are on my list. Who needs managerial skills when you have the hypnotic stare 'em down skill?

Over the weekend I went on a spontaneous camping trip with some old friends. The unexpectedness completely threw off Eric, who is the penultimate planner. These sort of things that crop up from out of the blue seem to set him on an uneven keel - so much so that I think he was shocked that I had raided my wine stash. I went with folks I spent a great deal of time with during my bachelors degree. We've all gone our seperate directions, found our own successes and still can get together and fart around a campfire like no time had passed. I managed to consume an almost entire bottle of a very nice Pinot-Grigio in a plastic cup until I realized that I no longer possessed the requisite skills to maneuver safely over the shitter. Such is fun that one can have while camping. There was even Tim Hortons coffee in the morning. Now THAT, is great camping, folks.

Here, I will admit to the height of my nerdiness. I found a series of most-likely-to-be-asked questions during a job interview. I wrote down my anwers, and I am studying them. It sounds a bit ridiculous at first glance that I would need to study this sort of thing, especially when the anwers are about myself. But, for all of us who have survived that job interview, we all know that nervousness can do one thing: incite forgetfulness. And I tend to ramble - a good skill to have as a lecturer, but can be a killer during an interview. My prerecorded answers are full of Dilbertisms and to the point examples of my most excellence.

And my experiment with Miss Clairol went well. I am happy with the result and will try again in 4-6 weeks.

So, start sending me those heather-will-get-this-job-vibes......NOW! Go!

(And thank-you!)


MC Etcher said...

Good Luck!

Arwen said...

Good vibes are being sent. I am glad Dilbert helped.