Monday, June 26, 2006

Train of Thought

Snippets from a conversation I had with Harry while walking home from school last week...

"Mom, what's a reptile?"
I had to think about this one. What's the difference between a reptile and an amphibian?
'Uh, a reptile can live on the land and in the water". I was not sure if this was entirely accurate, but it was a goos first stab.
"And reptiles are hatched from eggs, like chickens", I added
"Are crocodiles reptiles, mommy?"
"Why yes they are" I was impressed. I was afraid he was going to ask if snakes were...and if they were, if worms were, and why not worms...and how are worms born I started thinking...if they are not hatched from eggs.
"Crocodiles eat people" Harry said.
"Yep, they will - you can't get too close to a crocodile, they eat meat".
"Crocodiles eat people and pirates."
"Yes they do" I was somewhat amused at they way he was creating catergories here...
"And Pirates have peg legs"
"Yes, some do."
"By fighting with another Pirate..."
"Pirates have a hook for a hand"
"Yes, some do"
"Mommy, Pirates have swords and do this..." Then there was an elaborate pantomime routine involving a sword fight and the accompanying sound effect.

Steam of conciousness at its finest ladies and gents...


Eric said...

So cute...When I show photos of the boys, Harry is a real hit. You should scan his school photo and post it.

Eric said...

Oh! I published a new post today...

hotboy said...

Never smile at a crocodile... Hotboy

Arwen said...

We just had this same conversation about amphibians and reptiles at dinner with Noodle, except she knew more about the difference than we did, which is sort of embarassing since my degree was in zoology.

McSwain said...

Sounds like someone's been watching "Peter Pan." At first I thought he was headed toward asking for a pet croc!

MC Etcher said...

So cute! I had a billion questions as a kid, and I truly can't wait till I have a kid with a billion questions of their own.

I know it seems unlikely, but it's true.