Friday, June 02, 2006

Are you ready for more folks?

Okay, enough of the silence already!

And here I attempt to get back into the blogging mode. Its been way too long, and now I am more used to being an unblogger than a blogger. I am not sure I like that idea.

So what is new with me? Well all sorts of things. Pull up a chair (well, I suppose most of you are already seated) and let me tell you. Things at work: Ho! Ho! Well, the current state of my department has not changed a whole lot. One of my colleagues referred to it as "departmaggedon". This mess has drawn much attention and energy from the union and admin. And they are on our side! (The lowly part-time people). The fallout of this is yet to manifest – but things are looking a bit better. No decisions have yet been made, and the pendulum could swing in either direction. I am weakly optimistic.  About a month ago, I wrote to Human Resources and trusted members of my dept to inform them  I would not be returning to work in the fall if I were offered only one contract. I would be making more money on the dole, without having to fork out childcare expenses. Shortly after I made this decision and started to feel okay about it, I read a notice for a job opportunity with the anthropology department. You see, my graduate work is interdisciplinary – in religion and anthropology. I also did my undergraduate work with the anthro department where I currently teach. So, I sent out some feelers, wondering about my chances and was strongly encouraged to apply! Then, I went into teaching mode full force – I did Health and Healing for intersession – while Eric was away the whole time. Ugh. The course has been over for a week, and I am working away at my application. Most of that energy is spent completing a teaching portfolio – a behemoth of a document detailing my teaching experience. That is in editing mode now. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel folks!!

And the last bit of news, is that my department devised this course in hopes of attracting an outside scholar. The course is called "Buddhisms Then and Now" (which for three credit hours is a complete joke). Now the department has been unequivocally refused this new position no less than three times, they are stuck with a course that no one can teach. Well…except ME. Because of the current mess my dept is in – nothing is clear and straightforward. I put forth my application and the department "deemed" me "Unqualified" and "Unsuitable" to teach it (this is all collective agreement language). No reasons were offered. But, the department unanimously recommended that I apply for it when it is advertised. This raises eyebrows for many. Right now, my application is sitting on the VPAcademic's desk awaiting current procedures and subsequent fallout to occur. We are in limbo at the moment. I think I have a fighting chance here.

Finally…kids are good. Harry turns 6 today. Wow. Times flies when you are changing shitty diapers. Speaking of which…Aidan is almost trained!


hotboy said...

Nice to see a post again! Glad the job thing doesn't look so bleak! If I could go on the dole for a next ten years ... yes! Hotboy

Susan said...

Welcome back!

Henry was 6 on Saturday--how coincidental is that? Happy birthday, Harry!