Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Susan at Friday Playdate is feeling a bit under the weather as of late and asked her readers to make a list of our favorite things. What a great idea. I had somewhat of an insane day...and golly gee whiz, this might be what I need at this moment...apart from scotch and a 3 hour backrub.

My favorite things...

(note...I am composing this randomly -meaning I am not attemping to prioritize...)

chai tea
intense conversations with my students
cooking with cream
listening to Astral Weeks
sleeping in
watching my orchid bloom (it has a flower spike...first one in 2 years!!)
goats cheese
chips, dip and "Lost"
finding the perfect gift
our christmas tree
going to the movies with the kids
having deep-belly laugh with Eric
playing with flowers
Dorje Denma Ling
The half moon zabuton

Well...before I become too focused on attachment or materialism...I'll thing there, and of course, I'll be back later to elaborate on the mayhem that was my day. Oi!

And Get well soon Susan!


hotboy said...

Deep-belly laugh. That's a good one. Hotboy

Susan said...

Thanks so much! A nice chai is one of my favorite things, too--and conversing with my students used to be.

Now I just talk to the clerks at Target. Sigh.

Thanks for playing! I feel much better! Happy Christmas!