Monday, December 19, 2005

More apples than you can shake a stick at

So the apple peeling, coring and grinding process did not take as long as I imagined.

My biggest challenge is the size of my pot. Obviously not big enough for the batch the recipe is yeilding. However, the apples will reduce in size as it cooks. I have been slowly cooking it to make room for more ingredients.

Here are the Macintosh apples peeled. Aidan came by for some nibbles.

Here they are, cored and ready to go in the food processor. Once upon a time ago, my grandma used to do this with a meat grinder. Me likey kitchen gadgets!

About 4 lbs of apples in there!

Meat and apples. After this I am going to google the history of mincemeat. What nut came up with meat and apples!


Mary P. said...

Good lord. I had absolutely no idea it had apples in it. Do you do this EVERY year? I'm bowled over with awe. Holy moley. (Holy mincement?)

Heather said...

Mary, I usually don't make it every year, but I think I might. Its really easy - only took a couple hrs of my evening and make my kitchen smell absolutely DIVINE. Someday I'll come over and make mincemeat in yours. If you like (or you dare!)