Sunday, December 18, 2005

the matter of procuring the pot

Eric, not that I enjoy your company on The Big Picture, but need I remind you...of THIS?

For those of you who follow, Eric's short lived blog had more comments than posts. And it sat sort of sad and empty on my blogroll that I eventually had to put it out of its misery. So there is it, floating aimlessly and lost out in cyberspace, just waiting to be nurtured.

Perhaps Eric, you would prefer being a guest blogger on the Big Picture? I am sure everyone will want to hear about his frolicks in Iqaliut, living in a tent. Perhaps you can educate us all on how to take a whizz in the middle of the night when its -49 below, and the camp encircled by emaciated and starving polar bears?

So, the Great Mincemeat Blog festival has been pushed over yet another day. The memory card on our camera went on the fritz...I mean whats a Great Mincemeat Blog Festival without pictures? And there is still the matter of procuring the pot. Of the metal sort. Pot of the other sort shall be rued when I am in the middle of the process. Anyway, weather permitting I am off to fetch my pot tonight!

I bet you can hardly wait!

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hotboy said...

Yeah, let's see some blogging, Eric! It'll be minus 25 in Inqaluit (?) on Thursday. I'm sure hundreds of people would love to read about the frozen north. Best short story I ever read was To Build A Fire by Jack London. (I never read short stories!) It made really cold places sound like the moon. Fascinating! Also, Innuit parties would be interesting! Hotboy