Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Things in Sevens

Seven things I want to do before I die:
  1. See a palm tree
  2. Travel through Europe.
  3. Walk in a desert
  4. See my grandchildren
  5. Get a tatoo
  6. eat a gourmet meal that Eric cooked
  7. learn to play guitar

Seven things I can do:
  1. Cook
  2. Change a diaper while talking on the phone
  3. Teach basic HTML to a group of 60 undergraduates
  4. Photoshop a picture. Except I use Corel PhotoPaint
  5. Knit - and that includes fisherman sweaters!
  6. Make Grape Jelly
  7. sound out Korean words, despite not knowing what it means

Seven things I cannot do:
  1. Speak french, or any language really. I barely utter through English
  2. Use a semi-colon properly
  3. Organize a protest movement
  4. Inspire the unmotivated
  5. make really great bread (its mostly "okay")
  6. Ride a motorcycle
  7. Manage my finances

Seven things I say a lot:
  1. OWEN!
  2. HARRY!
  3. AIDAN!
  4. Get down!
  5. Go upstairs and fight it out in your room!
  6. Hello?
  7. (smooching sound that I make to beacon my cats)

Seven things I find attractive in a male:
  1. Cynical dark humour
  2. dark hair
  3. long fingers
  4. nice shoes
  5. intelligence, with depth and wisdom
  6. In tune. In all manners
  7. The ability to cook a fabulous meal

Seven celebrity crushes:
  1. Johnny Depp
  2. Edward Norton
  3. Alan Rickman
  4. Ewan McGregor
  5. David Thewlis
  6. Gary Oldman
  7. Heath Ledger
I am also supposed to tag seven other people, but my intense hatred for sales solicitation is kicking in...

On Second thought...I change my mind. I tag ERIC because now he has his own blog!!

Check it out!!


MC Etcher said...

Does home made grape jelly taste like grapes? Because that stuff I buy at the store certainly does not.

Candace said...

Wait, I'm sorry, but you seem to have placed My Ewan McGregor's name on your list of celebrity crushes.

H said...

McEtcher..grape jelly tastes like...grape jelly. When its made from Concorde grapes it actually looks like Grape jelly. Maybe a bit more tart (in a good way) than Smuckers or Welches...but very much the same. Thats the gratifying thing about making grape-jelly. You can exclaim "It actually tastes lik grape jelly!"

meeeooowwwww! Hisssssss! And the nice thing, is that I couldnt find a silly picture of him...figures!

Susan said...

Fisherman sweaters, eh? I'm still working on scarves.

What kind of tattoo would you get?

McSwain said...

I really like the gourmet meal idea... gave me a good giggle. And I'm waiting to hear from Eric.

hotboy said...

A palm tree? Samsaramom! A palm tree! You should visit Europe. There's giant palm trees five minutes away in the Botanic Gardens. Then again, I'd like to see wild animals in Canada. But a palm tree? Is it cold there? Hotboy

robmcj said...

Ukulele is easier to learn - only 4 strings.

I would love to be able to knit. It seems so mysterious.

Colons and semi colons - if you figure them out please explain it to me.

Attractive in a male. What a shame we're both shackled already, because that man is me, if you ignore my shoes and scars.

robmcj said...

HB - there's wild animals in Princes St most nights of the week.

MC Etcher said...

I remember you mentioning Palm Trees before, that you wanted to touch one.

They're very prickly! Not friendly tree bark. So someday when you have the change, touch gently.

MC Etcher said...

I meant to say, "when you have the chance"