Sunday, October 23, 2005

I have a new verb in my life

We all know the internet is cool. I mean, you've ended up reading MY stuff have you not? That's pretty cool if you ask me! Anyway, lately I have uncovered a new obsession, which I thought I'd share. The internet is a treacherous place sometimes, every where you look, there is someone posting naughty pictures or trying to sell you something. Google, for better or worse, has made searching for information rather mundane. You know you are going to have to really do some searching to find what you really want. Displaying the most visited site doesn't mean that you are going to get the "information" you need. I do my fair share of library research - so I actually enjoy the thrill of the search. Then there are times when people suggest interesting sites to visit. This comes in the form of e-mail - but mostly it's hit and miss with me. Some of the jokes I get are just plain old bad, and then there are other sorts of words of wisdom and warnings that I look up in Snopes and discover that its nothing but a big fat fabrication. And to think that I got all worked up that Febreze would set my kids on fire...And I hate the sappy e-mails. You know about how awesome it is to be a woman and be loved just for who you are. Ugh.

I discovered a whole new way of discovering the web. What's nice about it - is that its a collaborative affair. You want to recommend a site? Go for it. Its user driven, from my understanding. I'm referring to StumbleUpon, which is now a tool bar that you can install on Firefox. Its easy to use, likedy split.

Here are some reviews

And here is where you can find a copy for Firefox:

Stumble Upon's Home Page:

And it seems that I have developed a little habit. I devote little bits of time here and there - you know when the kids are otherwise engaged in playing with knives (an other such fun games). I have a new verb in my life. I stumble. All while sitting at my computer. No injuries either. I'm pretty impressed with what I stumble upon. Every site I find is pretty interesting, and I look at a few of them a little more closely, save some for future use and then I usually get interrupted. Here are some really cool places I have stumbled upon...

I'll leave it at ten. I could go on. Oh. I could.


Eric Schulman said...

I'm glad you like my history! You may also enjoy the book I wrote based on it: A Briefer History of Time. Be careful not to confuse my book, which was published in 1999, with another book of the same name that was recently published. :)

robmcj said...

FANTASTIC. More please! I loved Steve, Don't Eat It, and Bonsai potato. I'll try the FF extension later.

hotboy said...

Dearie me! I'm trying to cut down my internet surfing so I can do something .... well, just something else. So I'll just check out these sites instead! Hotboy

MC Etcher said...

Very cool, I'll have to check it out. My current obsession is Wikipedia!

McSwain said...

Great sites! It's a good thing you stopped at 10 because I already spend way too much time with my laptop.