Thursday, October 06, 2005

I can't believe its Thursday

A small apology folks.

Its Thursday and nary a word from me. Well, it is not from lack of drama. It may be from an over abundance of drama. Work related B.S again. Mostly top down stuff. I'll get around to posting what I think is safe to talk about. Until then, I am still alive, but nearly perished from the stress. Kidding of course.

And this weekend is THANKSGIVING

Thats right folks. We sing Oh Canada around here last I heard. Incidentally, I have the opportunity to hear the anthem daily, since they pipe it on the loud speakers at the High School across the way. Wow. I have even bored myself.

More to come. I promise.


Miss the chat


hotboy said...

That's interesting. Didn't know you kept Thanksgiving in Canada. Had a thanksgiving party with some Yankies in Morocco once. Another story. Great guys. No money. Long way from San Franscisco in 1975! Hotboy

Candace said...

So what's the traditional Canadian Thanksgiving like? Loads of food and football, like here? Or something more esoteric?

Mary P. said...

Yeah! Holiday weekend!!

And the CBC is back!! Expect new programming, the producer across the street tells me, by late next week!

Celebration is in order. :-)

Susan said...

Please tell me that Canadian Thanksgiving includes lots of drinking.

Because that will give me an excuse to drink this weekend. I know, I'm not Canadian, but I need a reason that does not involve my children.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Candace said...

Susan, you can drink this weekend because I *can't*. Painting again.

MC Etcher said...

You were missed!