Monday, October 03, 2005

And Back at home...

Wow...catch that thing....its rolling silly its MY HEAD spinning. I thought I lost it there for a second.

I still have that ghost story to attend to - I have not yet forgotten. Tangents are my life.

I just couldnt pass this one up...

Owen and Harry and I are walking in the mall parking lot. Owen has been looking at baby pictures all weekend. He's never ever asked the "Where babies come" from question. Having issues with language will do that. He did make a comment about me "beard" once when he saw me in the shower. And I was going to go back and edit that "me" to "my", but it sounds so Eastern Canadian that I'll keep it.

So during our Walk, Owen asks me if we could have a new baby.
"Ah No." I replied. Its the same incessant question he asks when he can have a dog. Not one dog...but two. I live in a purely cat paradigm. I am not ready for the leap yet. At least get Aidan toilet trained.
"Why" (We all knew that was coming)
"Because I don't want to change any more diapers, and I like to sleep"
" Harry went to the hospital when he was a baby"
Owen remembers the pictures. Owen was too. Most of the pics were of his face..I had the camera at the hospital with Owen. I was hospitalized for a week and I was bored.

"And so did you" I reminded him

"But I want a new baby"
"We don't need a new one. We have Aidan"
Owen thought about this for a second
"How much do babies cost mommy?"

Now he did not want to know the grand tally of diapers, wipes, formula, insurance, a minivan, the toys, books, food and college tuition (etc).

"Babies are free sweetie"

Just then, he saw a Dump Truck in the mall...the kind that you can put a loonie in, and it bobbs up and down pathetically. And that was the end of our very first Birds and Bees conversation.


McSwain said...

I still get this from my boy. Once he saw a baby in a grocery cart at the store--her dad was slightly up ahead. And I got, "Look Mommy, somebody left that baby all alone. We have to take her home and take care of her." When I said her daddy was right there, my boy said, "No. That's MY baby!" It's really kind of endearing, isn't it?

robmcj said...

Owen can have a virtual share of our dogs if he wants.

hotboy said...

Sometimes I'd like to be a woman, but then ... I was at one birth. Never again. Yon's mad! Hotboy

Mary P. said...

Everyone knows that pathetically bobbing ride for a loonie mall Dump Trucks are much, much more interesting than the birds and the bees. Though it's also unlikely that Owen had any idea just how fascinating this chat was about to get!

MC Etcher said...

I was many thousands of dollars to bring into this world, and my younger sister was $32.00

I used to tease her that she was a Bargain Basement Baby.

Yeah, that wasn't very nice I know. We're close now though.

robmcj said...

Heather - thanks for the link to the cleavage site. Is there an equivalent site for men's wedding tackle? I've got some pictures I'd like to submit. For a friend.