Friday, September 30, 2005

Third time is the charm

I've attempted a post three times in the past 2 days. And since blogging time has become so precious and scarce to me these days, I need to suck the marrow from my moments with blogger each and every time.

The first two times I wrote something about work, deleted it, reworked the thought and deleted it again. I'm a bit paranoid. I'm sort of nervous of that six degrees of separation between you me and the people I work with. I have a feeling that my position is looked at as something more disposable than contributive...but I'll stop here before the universe conspires to erradicate this bit of writing too.

So yesterday the winds were high and it started raining...and the power flickered on and off all day. Just as I finished my third post, explaining how I did not really want to talk about my work related issues...but I really did...and put things as blandly and nondescript as I could...I found some smug satisfaction with myself, began to point my mouse to publish post and zwap! The power went out and then came on.

At the very least, the power will be my inspiration for the day, until I can get over this angst at work and find some new inspiration. Oh, I think it is safe to reveal that the source of my irk is elitism at the university. Need I say more?

I suppose its rather obvious, but boy is it a pain in the ass.


McSwain said...

I so want to blog more about school, about work & teaching. And I'd really like to blog about my last boss who actually made me sick because he was so mean sometimes. But I might need a recommendation, so I'll just say that on your blog instead. :) Sometimes it's hard to keep all that in, isn't it?

hotboy said...

Does your power flick on and off a lot? I'd like to blog more about school as well and wanting to strangle people, and worse, but the horrorshow thoughts have calmed down a bit recently. It must be doing the juju and getting ra bliss! Hotboy