Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sometimes I just want to curl up in a corner, bite my nails and laugh in an unsettling way. All the routine that I have to maintain - makes for non-stop juggling and general mayhem.

Today is Aidan's birthday. He's three. Poor Aidan is suffering from the baby of the family syndrome. Although I seriously question whether there is any actual suffering occuring. Owen had a birthday party with ice cream cake and the grandparents bought him a bike (which he did not drive until he was 5). I remember Owen's third birthday quite vividly. He was quite sick I spent all day making my Italian aunty's spaghetti and Meatballs and I think there were more adults in attendance than kids. Harry's 3rd birthday was as celebratory - he got a skateboard since that was what he was into. Harry had finely tuned skaterboy senses. He'd dash outside and run with the dude until his lawn ran out. Harry was also potty trained by the time he was 3 years and 1 month. Aidan is not going to be potty trained by next month. But, I figure it will happen within the year. And after 8 years of diaper duty, I am so ready to move on and find other roles.

Aidan got a helium balloon for his birthday. Sounds pretty sad actually - from bike, to skateboard to balloon. I think it has taken me this long to figure it all out. Aidan would have the same desire and reaction to an Enzo Ferrari as he would to an Elmo balloon. I took Owen and Harry to buy some party hats and Harry asked for things you blow that go "brrrrt!". So we got some of those too. And we had pizza and cake and Aidan found much joy in fingering his fudge frosting and I felt no guilt.

Aidan has discovered the joy of fluids. I have rediscovered the art of babyproofing. First there was special smelling handcream - all over the floor, which he delighed in a solo round of figure skating. And then there was the handsoap he painted all over the bathroom floor. Who can forget the Vasaline handcream he smeared in the kitchen, or the olive-oil/vinegar creation, or the vicks vapo-rub experiment (dipping in the wireless remote) and the fabric-softener finger painting all over the dryer? You'd think I'd learn. The noxious stuff is out of reach. The olive oil never posed a threat until recently. Someone suggested we put a bell around his neck. I am beginning to think that this is a good idea.

And now my vapid drivel must come to an end..for it is bedtime!!

Only to be followed by WORK!

Yay for me!


MC Etcher said...

You're remarkably sane, despite it all...

Mary P. said...

It's good to have more than one child, not just for the joys of siblings, not so that your children learn to live in community, share, and all that, but so that you can evolve as a parent.

So, now that my kids are teens and are moving into leaving-the-nest stage, I am a totally kick-ass mother!

hotboy said...

Wee girls, I think, are faster at potty training and have fewer accidents. I worried about that when my kid was wee, but she basically potty trained herself.Adolf has a photie of him being potty trained and he doesn't look older than eighteen months to me. Have a look. What age do you reckon? Brutal calvinist toilet training if you ask me! Scars them for life, but gives them a great sense of smell! You're kids are bound to be well adjusted! Hotboy. p.s I'd link to the photie, but I don't know how!

robmcj said...

Heather, I have fixed the links for downloading hotboy's books. It sounds like you wouldn't have much time left over for reading just now anyway.

The reason hotboy couldn't see the problem, is that the "broken" links pointed straight to his own hard drive, where of course he had the master copies, so it all looked OK to him. But he was the only person in the world for whom those links worked.

Let me know if there are any more problems, or if you need any advice on the use of sniffer dogs in potty training. Robmcj.

hotboy said...

This is Jack the Spam Robot. Please let me know if any of your friends have pets that look like they're about to kick the bucket!

McSwain said...

I remember making big plans for my son's first few birthdays. My mom kept telling me, "This is only for you anyway, you know. He's not going to remember it and he's not old enough to care." How right she was!