Friday, September 02, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday

Life has been just a bit too serious this week...

Lets indulge in a little frivoloty?

I don't have a mantle. Yes, its unfortunate. Instead I have a T.V. Stand.

Next is a picture my mother made me. On the top is a portrait of my great great grandmother Emily Starratt. She was born in South Boston and I think came to Nova Scotia after she married. I don't know all that much about her history, other than she died by the time she was 30. Family members who have seen her portait remark at our uncanny resemblance. Under her picture are two pillow shams she detailed.

This is a detail of an icon Eric brought me from Bosnia. The artist made a replica of a famous medieval Madonna Icon, found in a Macedonian church. The information is printed on the back - but I can't read Cyrillic script. I think he purchased it personally from the artist in Sanica.

Here is a detail of a Tibetan Thangka of Manjusri I found on E-bay for 1 cent. Shipping cost me twenty bucks.

Here is a shot of my favorite corner. The lamp was a wedding present. In front is a picture of my dad and Aidan when he was small sweet and immobile. On the wall is a House blessing I cross-stitched when there were no children and hours could be spent meticulously sewing each tiny X. Ah. Those were the days...

Here is a detail of the blessing. It says:
St. Francis and St. Benedict
from wicked wight

Keep it from all evil
Fairies, wezles

Bats and Ferrytes

I have not yet figured out what Ferrytes are, and what havoc they might reek on this house. I swear they are responsible for the dust-bunnies.

Voila! New Sofa
Stain free for the time being. Its very brown. I swear I saw a hint of green in the showtroom. But I don't care, really. Its comfortable and free of holes.

And so ends a tour of my stuff...


hotboy said...

Nova Scotia was full of Scottish folk, wasn't it? Is that why you're called Heather? (You might have been born purple, I suppose!) Hotboy

MC Etcher said...

Wow! Very interesting objects, well displayed.

You do that for a living.

Heather said...

Nova Scotia is indeed full of Scots (just look at their provincial flag and you'll catch my drift). There are small communities that speak gaelic of all things. I have never lived in Scotland or Nova Scotia, although that is where my mother hails from (NS that is). Heather was the agreed upon name - no special meaning. Other than I am so grateful that dad ix-nayed mom's #1 choice - Heidi (thus revealing the German Nova Scotian decendants). No offence to all the Heidi's of the world. I prefer my name thanks.

hotboy said...

Might have guessed! Germans everywhere! Heidi could pass for Swiss, but Adolf is definitely German. But is your name Heather from the Scottish connection, or are you a Gerry through and through? Maybe I'm being dense here. Hotboy

Mary P. said...

"Ferrytes" has got to be "ferrets", those weaselly mouse-eating critters that some people keep as pets. Why mudane vermin like bats and ferrits rank amongst all those other-worldly pests, however, remains a mystery.

Heather said...

Perhaps because they carried disease? Did they know that then?

Who knows

Susan said...

Fabulous sofa. Love the brown.

Your house looks so cozy and comfortable--good job editing the detrius of three boys.

My house looks like a tornado just blew through. All. The. Time. Sigh.

McSwain said...

I think Ferrytes must be little boys. Based on my own personal experience. ;)

Eric said...

Clarification on the Eastern Orthodox icon...It was drawn by a well-known artist in Belgrade. (We had an interpreter from there). The thing that stands out about this icon is that Jesus looks like a girl...My next choice would have been the drawing of the three-handed Mary...