Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Quick! Did you see that? It was ME zooming past

Day two of the first full week back to work. Yesterday I began to stress a litle about how much I do in the run of a day. You see in some ways I am glutton for punishment. I started waking up at 6am so I can start the day with some good old fashioned samatha mediation. Crazy yes I know. Eric is going away for two months next week - and that means I become primarily housebound, unless I can coordinate and choreograph some time away. I just want to get throught my first full week back to work before I burden myself with that. So, to get it done, and it is important to me - I need to do it then. After I drop the kids off, I go to the gym, work out for 45 minutes and get ready for work there - then I commute - 20 minutes of highway driving (never a jam) - and I have about an hour before class. Actually I have about 20 minutes now. With all this in place, I need to prepare for class after the kids go to bed. That sucks.

What I fear, is that my laziness will eventually kick in - sometime in late November, and we'll see its full manifestation in January - where I will drop the mediation and not go to the gym, and opt for some last minute class prep. Ugh. Working out is such a great stress buster for me - so hopefully I'll have enough sense to do whats good for me!!

Other than that...kids are happy. Harry is loving school. Yesterday I asked him what he did at school:

"We didn't go in the gym" he said
"and we didnt go on the bus". Well - I hope the top two draws for attending kindergarten don't alter his attitude towards his academic career.
"What did you do?" I ask, as all good mothers would.
"We read 'Don't eat the teacher'"
"And did you?"
"Eat the teacher?"
"Don't be silly mommy".

Owen is doing well. Nothing to report. He got invited to his first birthday party of the academic year. Its a bowling party. He kicks butt in bowling.

Aidan went to his room at daycare today without a tear - some chatter - we were impressed!

Boring post - but so far so good...

(Gotta go to class)
Oh, for those of you who are anxious to take a tour of my courses, drop me a line at samsara_mom at yahoo dot ca



Candace said...

Is it .ca or .com? My brain isn't working this morning, so neither seems right.

Heather said...

.ca it is.

CANADA. or ca ca same same

MC Etcher said...

We went to Niagara Falls, Canada last week.

The people were very nice.

I didn't hear a single "eh?" or "aboot".

Heather said...

Is that so eh?

Eh is part of my vocab. I've been accused of saying aboot - but I can't hear it. And the accuser was from East Texas....eh?

Susan said...

I like the 'I will report to you what I did NOT do today' approach to 'How was your day?' Charlie's great moment was when he announced, one day last spring, 'I had a good day. I not hit ANYONE!'

And Henry likes to tell me what he did NOT eat.

Come to think of it, I often tell my husband how I did NOT auction one of his children on eBay. . .

hotboy said...

Great to hear about the six o clock meditations!! That's the biz! I didn't get that virtuous till I'd been meditating for years, but what a difference it made. Here comes ra bliss! Here comes ra bliss! Hotboy