Thursday, September 15, 2005

How do you spell Overwhelmed again?

I am so busy it's scary. The 6am meditation has been temporarily postponed. It's that important to me that I might just try again next week. Being up until 11 pm finishing my work makes the 6am wake-up call all the more dauting. I need to urge someone of influence to grant me the 30 hour day.

Eric is leaving for a month next week. Scarier.

All this busy-ness I get to do by myself!

Send out a search party if you do not hear from me by Wednesday. I am so behind in my blog reading. I am hoping to catch a breather soon.

I keep getting notes home from Harry's school that refer to him as "Harrison". While we gave him that name at birth, we never ever have called him that. Ever. I kind of wish we just went with Harry. But at the time the name seemed so strange to the rest of the world, that I feared he would be beat up for having kooky parents. So we gave him Harrison as insurance. I figured that he might toy with Harrison in Junior high or High school. I discovered that I was not going to give up on "Harry" without a fight. I jotted a note back to school explaining that we have always referred to him as such. I spoke with his teacher this morning and she said that Harry has asked to be called Harrison.

Last year, we had a hard time convincing him that his given name really was Harrison. He went for months calling himself Harry Potter, and although the book had nothing to do with my naming decision, I didn't mind. I would gloat with a mother's pride as he would shout out whenever he saw a Harry Potter poster: "That says HARRY...thats ME". And he was 4 and reading this made it very cool too.

So my son has gone all professional on me.

The teacher did admit "I was wondering why he could only spell Harry and not Harrison"

He's growing up too fast. This is the child that covers me in kisses and tells me he loves me 10 times a day. I fear his outward affections are going to slip away. There is nothing better than a little peck from Harry, his innocent little gawk and a "I love you mommy".

What's a mother to do?

Someone slow this train down. I need to get off and smell the flowers for a while...


Kim said...

Harry cracks me up! I still get confused at the doctor's office when they call "Kathryn" back. I really wish we had gone with just Katie. And, Abby is just now learning to spell Abigail!

Mary P. said...

He will still hug you when he's older. If he's naturally that affectionate? Yes, he will. Maybe the kisses will go, and he may not hug you in front of his friends, but he'll still hug you. My towering 16 year old son does, every morning when he leaves for school. I love it!

hotboy said...

I wish I could give you some of my time! I've got nothing to do but investigate ra bliss for the next three days! Steal ten minutes here and there for yourself. It's all give, give, give if you're a busy mother. Hotboy

Candace said...

We named Christopher with the intention of calling him Christopher. We do. Others don't. Makes me CRAZY. Not ONCE in the EIGHT FREAKING YEARS that we've been going to our doctor have I referred to him as "Chris" but the nurse sure as hell does. Grrrrr.