Saturday, July 23, 2005

New Wheels

Like I said. Brand Spanking new wheels. When I drove it off the lot, I clocked it's very first kilometer ever. Now before your imagination gets ahead of you, its a 2005 Dodge Caravan. Silver if you are curious. Roomy enough to fit three children, two adults, one stroller, three lawnchairs, and umbrella, a load a groceries, and the other sundries necessary for any excursion.

So on Thursday Owen and Harry came scrambling in the house. "Mom we getting a new VAN, with a DVD!!" Then I knew that someone when to scout out the lot. We have a 1999 Caravan. Its been very good to us. But, I am sensing its time is nigh. It needs some work. Eric is going to be away most of the fall, and most likely to Afghanistan after Christmas. If anyone followed my adventures last winter...and even if you haven't...I'd rather have a rectal exam than car problems. I do not choose car problems to fit into my paradigm.

Thursday night Owen and Harry asked, "Are we getting the New Van with the DVD...are we huh? When?" "Tomorrow" was not a satisfying answer. The questions abounded until my precious angels were nestled and tucked into their beds (after spiking their OJ with Valium...and do I have to qualify this with a 'Just kidding'?)

So, Friday morning, we packed the whole lot of us bright and early, emptied our van of its contents and off we went. I am not sure what part of my brain told me that it was sane to load the entire crew into the car dealership. Surely, that area was either asleep or lulled by the potential of the smell of new car. Three kids in a car dealership. Can you stop to imagine the hairs that raised on the backs of all those guys in ties? Owen was enamoured with the shiny 2005 Jeep. Harry was chatting up the salesman with his incessant and usually nonsensical questions. Aidan, at first was cooperative. He played quietly on the showroom floor with his Thomas trains, choo chooing and being rather cute. I was so relieved that he was entertaining himself that I was not bothered by the fact that he was sprawed out on a probably very dirty floor.

You see, Aidan has this thing about his Daddy. Daddy is his top priority. I can stand back and giggle since this is all working in my favor you see. Most of the time. On this particular Friday daddy needed to speak to the Financial officer and then needed to make some phonecalls to our insurance company. These are not the sort of things that can be easily accomplished with a 2 year old hanging off your neck. Mike the salesman recommended that we could lock ourselves in the customer waiting room - since there was a TV and some toys. Sounded like a plan. The room was occupied by a grumpy old man watching CNN (London Bombing ad nauseum), and clearly unimpressed with our recent invasion. The toys consisted of a bag of MegaBlocs, which the boys immediately started fighting over.

Aidan decides he is going to be traumatized by being momentarily separated from his father and proceeds to start screaming. Aidan's whine factor is set to lethal. I dragged him out of the room, and headed back to the office to find Eric on the phone - on hold. A screaming exasperated 2 year old was not exactly useful to him at that moment. So I am back in the showroom, and notice a couple of salesmen pitching other potentials...and knew that my screaming brat could cost that one sale. I headed outside. I sat Aidan down in a sort of time out so he could collect himself and I would not have to feel the pressure of being the mom with the screaming brat. I spoke to him calmly, lots of SHHHHHH's otherwise, he was beet red and sticking his fingers in his mouth trying to make himself vomit.

We played this game two or three times. When he was somewhat settled I'd take him back inside and he'd proceed to scream when he realized that daddy was still on the phone and I was not going to take him there. At times, I can imagine myself as a baby shaker. Really.

Then, was all over. We had to come back at 2:30. WE HAD TO COME BACK. It was 11:30. We explained to the boys as best we could what was happening...but there was a collective whine 'I want a new van mommy...not the OLD one! We want a NEW van with a DVD". Spoiled. ugh. Home, lunch, nap (me and Aidan, we were beat from the morning trauma).

We loaded the gang again, and just out of town Eric exclaimes "Shit! I forgot a blank cheque!". We drive home again, with our best explainations about the detour. New Van? DVD? Yes yes...we need to get van? DVD? HOME?!? Why?

On our second attempt to the car dealership, in approximatley the same spot as Eric reminded himself of the cheque he asks "Did you bring a DVD?"

Our first trip in our new van was to Blockbuster.

And there is something precious, darling and gratifying about the look of three children rivited and engrossed, staring at the little picture box on the ceiling. It looks somewhat like Baby Valium (that wonder drug that would rival Viagra)


hotboy said...

This post made me so pleased to be on a retreat. Three wee boys?,no,no. My brother had five. They're great when they grow up!

Mary P. said...

This post made me so glad I'm past the tantrum stage with my three. Not that adolescents don't throw tantrums, mind you, but at least they have enough social awareness to prefer to throw loud ones in private. Actually, mine have proven to be more sulkers than ranters when miffed. Probably a result of years of me saying,"You can be angry if you like, but do it quietly!"

Litany said...

Very cool! New wheels are very reassuring. Nothing is broken yet.