Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Note to Potential Interlopers

Hey guys...yes it sure has been quiet around here. I come over and think.."The Big Picture needs some attention..." And as I am about to compose the next Pulitzer Prize winner...I straighten up and refocus and remember the pile of blogging and commenting I need to accomplish in the Blogiversity (heh heh).

For those who have been checking out how my course blog has been playing out a big THANK-YOU for your enthusiasm and encouragement. Some of the work is just too delicious not to comment on...I say leave your comments. It would be a really important thing for students to realize - that their writing has an audience and meaning outside of the classroom. What an important lesson that is! So, I suggest if you do leave a comment to a student - introduce yourself. Tell them who you are, and if you are comfortable, where you are. Leave a link to your personal blog. >>>grinning fiendishly<<<

So, I'm popping back into my hole of work and study!

You guys are just too cool

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Litany said...

Heather..... Where arrrre yoouu?