Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hookie Again

Although my audience might be small - I appreciate everyone of you. And if that sounds corney, well deal. This insta-virtual-literary-community has thrown some juice into my creative flow...breathed some life into writing I long thought withered and crawled away to hide under a rock. This is sounding like a good-bye. Not really. My course has started. I have committed to blogging along with them - so I've bitten off more than I can chew - what have I done? In all seriousness, Health, Healing and Religions is an area which consumes my interest. It won't be seen as work - I'll just allow that interest to suck all my time.

Its only a month folks. Some visit me and the kids! Come ask them challenging questions! Maybe offer us some feedback on making blogging more useable




janine said...

it does help so much to know that our blogged words are not just drifting off into the cold void, someone warm and alive is out there listening

keep it up heather!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Just echoing Janine's comments there.

Kim said...

Hi! Just wanted to check in with you. I've been reading your "other" blog. Very interesting. I'm impressed with the students' participation and thoughts!

Miss ya over here!

Litany said...

Heather, you are missed!

Is it permissible to post comments on the other blog, or is that for students only?

I didn't wanna barge in. If not, it's cool, just curious.