Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lost: Blog Somewhere on the Internet

  • Lost: The Pilgrimmage of Litany. Last seen Yesterday making cheeky comments about her travelling companions. Spotted somewhere in the blogger vicinity. Wearing Grey and Burgundy stripes. Responds to the name of Lit...very friendly. Can be easily coaxed with Coffee and Star Wars Spoons...

Has anyone seen her? The link on my blog doesnt work, so I tried to link from Robin's. I link back to my Blogger dashboard. Huh?

Does anyone know that she is stuck in a virtual bubble? Who can help? This looks like the job for an intrepid internet superhero. She won't be wearing S+M inspired gear, pleather stillettos nor carry any exotic weapons (not even a lasso). I don't think she'd need to hide her super-hero tendencies to her colleagues at her run of the mill job either. Anyone know VirtualGrrrrl? She needs to free Litany from Webcaptivity - being held hostage by evil programmers. Perhaps a seedy trucker along the Dalton highway is involved.

Where are our modern day heros, I lament.

1 comment:

meg said...

Litany's blog seems to be where it always was... Maybe it's a problem with your PC? Or more likely, Blogger.