Thursday, March 31, 2005

Looking for a Guru

I'm being mappish lately. I just read chapter 3 Finding our Own True Nature in Pema's The Wisdom of No Escape...and as pansy as the chapter sounds...its just chock full of wisdom. I can make fun of myself in the process. Oh I can hardly wait.

But first, I need some advice - so I will let the wisdom of the web be my guru. Perhaps this is equivalent to allowing Gollum be the guide...(And verily...I shan't return to the 10 rules again)
Okay I'll get on with it...

So whats the etiquitte about linking to another blog? Are you supposed to do what I did to Litany and ask if it was okay? You know sort of like being the nervous gittery dude who asks his potential father-in-law permission or blessing to wed is daughter (barf)...or is it custom to go ahead and make the link and hope that it doesnt offend the authour? I find virtue in being nice. I am wishy washy that way.

So, my stream of self consciousness Karma Fool wondering if he's next...or would Kato, the only bachelor I admit to reading, mind being linked to a housewife with serious psychological baggage? What about Robin she up in arms that I have included her with the likes of Litany and Dooce? I suppose the worst case scenario would be that no one really cares.

ALERT: (Flashing lights, sirens) I am officially linked! (just a second... can't type...doing ...snoopy dance.....). And the Award goes to...Conversations!!!

I was going to ask the blogoddess Dooce for her blessing to wed our sites in webbed bliss...but she gets over 300 comments a day and frankly...well...I'm way too chicken shit of sounding like a complete dolt. I mean, my nerdy request would stick out, so painfully...I just can't go there. So Dooce...if you are out there and you find my link to your blog offensive...I'll do the right thing...promise.

And finally - some opinion please. And I mean it. That is...if I didnt want to know I wouldnt the Pema stuff too much? Boring? Irrelavent? (Insert your own judgement here). Curious. I feel that my content can be shaped by my environment...I'll whore my blog out - why not!?

And thanks for the Advice Karma Fool regarding my current literary know reading to my strung-out-on-sugar trinity. The thought I could be breeding bookhaters is one which I contemplated. Thanks for your angle - advice appreciated.

Uh, what else. Oh I need to include this...

Someone abandoned a toddler bike on our lawn about a week ago. Owen has dragged it closer to the house and was fiddling with the little plastic horn attached...until I noticed he was PEEING in the horn. What is it with men and their urine? Is there really a primal fascination for making yellow happyfaces in the snow?


Famility said...

Ask Schmask. There are billions of Internet sites out there, just ripe for the linking. Who's gonna know? Who's gonna care? It's a rude, callous world, and I doubt that more than 1/4 of 1 percent would ask before linking. For example, I linked this blog called The Big Picture recently, and did I ask? No way.

Jay said...

Peeing in the horn? That's kind of funny, to me at least.

Most people seem to link away without asking. It's a compliment really, it just means you like reading the blog. You probably didn't ask Julia Roberts permission to like her movie, so just pick your favourites, and to heck with asking for permission!

Robin said...

Here's my technique to determine who I link to: (dramatic pause)
I learn something from them...and usually, their perspective is different from my own. And I would enjoy sitting to chat with them., that's about it :)

Heather said...

Robin: Good principle...I like that

And to all...I'll grow a backbone and link to my hearts desire...look out world see me LINK!

Kim said...

I say link away!

I woke up with the baby and read your blog while feeding her. She went back to sleep, and I tossed and turned, thinking about blogs and mentors...and an author I almost told someone I *knew* only because I read his blog. Good thing I caught myself! I love reading blogs and learning how people think. Even if that person isn't your mentor, there's so much opportunity to know them and learn from them!