Thursday, March 10, 2005

CSS and the dyslexic visual processor

I promise to be all over the place today.

First. I am bound and determined to create my own blog, using CSS. This is how I learn...I'm one of those hands on sorts, who finds manuals to be more frustrating than putting on pants after the boots. CSS is definatley more challenging to this dyslexic brain than HTML. I don't want to learn without a specific project in mind. I'm just a walking contradiction aren't I? Not liking manuals fits nicely into my mapless motif...yet I ultimately need a goal? Oh the incongruity!

It all starts with a picture: (I'll post a link since it takes up less space)
Image here In my visions, there are three columns beneath. You know, nothing radically out of the ordinary. Simplicity is sublime.

I am a visual learner (I have to convert complex ideas into pictures, however abstract in order to fully understand them.) It's useful some ways: I have a great memory, I'm an artsy type...I can draw and such. Sometimes it's a real disadvantage, especially when I convert my visual thinking into something linear like writing. As you can see, I go all over the place. This is part of the reason I am hesitant about being in academia - since I really have no great love for writing (teaching is another business). Anyway, much of the HTML I learned is primarily self taught, since my first reaction to looking at any form of computer code is utter panic. Really. It's almost like vertigo. If I learn it my way - I grasp the visual cues and I'm on my way.

I get the same reaction to some blogs - when I see an inundation of links. First I think, is this just for show? (It does give the air of authority doesn't it?) Do people really have time to read all this? (Then we wonder about workplace productivity). I tend to withdraw from visual chaos - and don't get into said blogs. I'm not critiquing said blogs. I think they ought to exist - I am only articulating my experience with them.

Okay, reassess...where are you going with this?

Oh yes..That's why I want a simple, straightforward aka "boring" blog. The rationale is: a) Its easy to learn and b) Its nice to look at. I'm all about form sometimes.

Look for part two later. I'm going to title it "Orange Pants". (I am now going to find a nice catchy title for this morning's ramble)

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Litany said...

That pic for your eventual artsy blog is great!

I wish, I wish I had some skill with visual art.

Can't wait to see the finished blog!