Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My Grain and You Foria

Last week, all the boys had the flu - the flu of the dry heaving variety. Being that I am alone for the month of February, I became rather alarmed at the whole situation. If I believed in hell, I might describe it as being confined to a small space with three small vomitting human beings. I would also include the descriptors "milk and hot dogs" and "all over the furniture". It was not so much the task of decontamination that I deemed hellish, but rather the potential of succumbing to the same fate.

What I do believe is that one needs to have a firm and unwavering faith in the efficacy of any remedy, drug, cure or treatment. I bowed down, prostrated and kow towed to the healing powers of echinaecea - which I ingested with fervor and devotion. But yea, I was not spared. The echinaecea did make it bearable.

So this week, I thought we were on the road to good health.

Today, I came home from work to discover that my little annoying headache eventually became a full blown migraine, complete with photophobia. I've redefined hell to include "having an intense migraine while Harry has a tantrum". Harry is much happier with some spaghetti and a cat nap under his belt. Mom had 1 400mg Advil, then an hour later 2 Tylenol 3's with codeine, and an hour later look 3 regular stregnth Tylenol with codeines. (this is after having my head buried under a blanket desperately hoping that the kids did not find anything messy and/or sharp)

Mother is now feeling human again, and grateful that I have a sister who will come over and feed my children and send me to bed.

I also praise the Saints at Pixar.

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Melissa Muldoon said...

What a super woman you are...migrain + tantrumming child, AND still able to write a coherent and funny blog! You must be feeling better. Yours in health and hoping to escape a similar fate (so far so good this year!) Melissa