Monday, February 14, 2005

A Desperate Housewife?

We only have three channels with our TV. Actually four. One is french. So I don't count it. We also don't count the CBC since the reception is so bad that it's not worth watching. So that leaves 2. I do get to indulge in the popular running programs - Desperate Houswives being one of them.

I relate most to Felicity Huffman's character - the one with all the kids. She has the look down pat...that glazed and wide-eyed expression of utter dispair. The look one uses to try and connect with someone out there when the are the kids are having a tantrum of the nuclear variety...a look that begs "please someone feel sorry for me!", a look that is usually met with the unspoken response "You had 'em lady...quit breeding" That's about all this character has in common with us common folk. Most of us desperate housewives are a bit more substantial than a size 2, and don't live in relatively clean and spacious Colonial style homes. I've never seen a dust bunny on that show or watched anyone crack open a box of Kraft Dinner.

There is nothing desperate at all about being a housewife. Desperation belongs back in the dating world and in novels authoured by some broad who changed her last name to "Lovelace". I hate to break it to you guys - Most of being a housewife is just plain boring. It figures that this show is the brainchild of a guy. Has this man ever considered that matching socks can be the highlight of the whole laundry process? Has he ever thought of using a downy ball as a way to spice up his day?


Litany said...

Your blog is funny! I'm gonna have to bookmark you.

I remember when we lived in Germany when I was a kid, we had only 1 channel, AFN. Fun.

We read a lot of books. :o)

Jodie said...

It's a very silly show. Probably why I like it. :D