Saturday, March 14, 2009

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore

It's official. Western Culture has finally gone through the looking glass. I'm calling it now.

I am still obsessed with market economics. Reading, reeling...

And of course I have been following the Daily Show, and his smack down of MSNBC. Basically, he blames the network for being complicit in the crisis. Basically, instead of investigative reporting, "fair and balanced", the network became cheerleaders towards the irresponsible and out of control greed that has lead to the situation we are all in now. The reporters would have had enough expertise to say "Having a Debt/Capital in excess of 8/1 is dangerous. AIG had a ratio of 35/1. Simply put, for ever dollar they had in cash, they had 35 dollars in loans. (or is it debt/liquidity...still have not learned the language)

Okay, so the other night John Stewart basically lectured on the Daily Show about the networks responsibility to Joe/Jane Public.

I was reading my new source for market news The Market Ticker
and I find this comment in the forums:

"I sent a copy to info-at-thedailyshow-dot-com for you. "
"Send Jon Stewart a copy - he may be the only media figure to air it. He might even make a special show just around the most talked about topic of these days. "

(referring to THIS post)

Since when did the Daily Show become the voice for justice for the everyday bloke?

Does anyone find that really really weird?


Hotboy said...

We get the Daily Show in Blighty. I watch it regularly. I think I saw the programme you're talking about. There's nothing quite like it in Britain, so it's quite refreshing. The folk he has on plugging books and stuff are usually good performers ... very unBritish. The piss takes of the sex scandals are funny. I much enjoyed his defense of gay marriage with that boy Huckerbee (?). I think the Republicans who say just let the banks and all that collapse are at least being intellectually honest since they have a Darwinian view of capitalism; logical, but completely wrong of course. Doomed, I tell you! We're all doomed! Hotboy

Heather said...

Doomed! Wheeee!

That would cure my boredom for sure!

growingupartists said...

I don't know, I want to trust my media outlets with my thinking, at least so I can have something to compare it to.

The Rich Mama said...

I'm not sure. I'm always distracted by John's devlish good looks.