Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday at the Movies: Volume 5

This series of films is one of the most exciting documentaries that I have seen in a long time. Its called A Century of Self, and connects the rise of psychoanalytic theory with marketing and advertising, and also how psychoanalysis and Freudian theory have profoundly affected the democratic process. It's fascinating!

Have you ever wondered why you have to add to eggs to cake mix? No? Well, there is a very particular reason. Its to help you feel better about serving an instant cake.
Know how smoking became interlinked with women's lib? Better yet, how it became socially acceptable, when being a liberated woman was not at that point in time, a socially acceptable thing.

And were you aware that the evolution of marketing, advertising and public relations began with Freud's nephew?

Be sure to check out all four episodes, and yes there are four. I am only posting the first. They are all equally fascinating. Anyway, now that I have seen them all, I somewhat feel regretful that I paid no attention to psychology when I was in University. I found the intro level stuff so DULL, and plus, psych always attracted the pretty blonde good girls, and I hung out with the goth types in religious studies and anthropology. Now, I wished I had paid a bit of attention.

So, tell me about your mother, was she shaped like a phallus?

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