Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free Therapy

Alas alack. Not much to say today. Oh dear oh dear. One of my professors once told me that writing, even if it was the same word, was better than writing nothing. So, today, you shall have stream of consciousness, internet.

Yesterday, Eric and I went to see a comedy show. Hilarious! I heartily recommend laugh therapy. I highly recommend Jeremy Hotz or you can visit him home page here...Free therapy from me >>grin<<
I've never been to a comedy show before. My cheeks hurt today.

About 5 years ago, Eric was hung over. Well, he's been this way plenty of times since, but on this particular occasion, he was forced to drive an hour so we could go visit my mother with the kids. So, on the way there, I was listening to the CBC, and they played this skit by Jeremy Hotz. Eric and I laughed so hard. I was in tears, and he kept saying "Om my god..this HURTS" between laughs. We never forgot that. A couple weeks ago, Eric burst in the house and said "Guess who is coming to Saint John!"

And then we purchased our online tickets.


growingupartists said...

That's a sweet story! Makes my eyes tear, too.

growingupartists said...

Loving the color scheme here, just had to come back and tell you that. Very soothing!

(Nice sidebar, too...title made me giggle.)

Reluctant Housewife said...

Uh... Saint John? In Canada?

Cause that's where I'm from!

Heather said...

We're up river -- CFB G.

Howdy Neighbour!