Friday, November 28, 2008

Hear that giant sucking sound?

Perhaps its the economy...the sound of the giant plunger of government trying to salvage any semblance of global credibility that has been flushed down the toilet...

I am thinking that this sound is my brain. Drained and panting from the guff overdrive. More guff next week. I get to write and design marketing collateral. (Hear the sounds of my knuckles cracking)...

So what keeps you sane at work?

Here is my list:

Stumble Upon
Google Video
Surf the Channel
3WK Underground radio
Google Reader

A wee note about the video bits. I listen to documentaries. Lately, anything conspiracy theory related. I am a font of knowledge regarding the JFK Assassination, UFOs and 911. As long as I am sitting quietly with my headphones, doing what I am supposed to be mind is free to wander where it will. I must have some sort of super power, being able to focus on two things at once. My ears have bled at the sound of silence.

The other day, my project manager came into speak with me about something project related. I pulled off my headphones, minimized the window I was working on, and paused the docu I was listening to.

"What's that?", he asked looking at my monitor
"JFK's gaping head wound"
And then I felt a compelling urge to defend myself. I mean, I suppose this could be all misconstrued as me pretending to work. But really, I was working on company sanctioned activities.
"I've been listen to theories about the JFK assassination"
"So what have you learned...wait... I only have two minutes."


Hotboy said...

I look at a postcard of the Medicine Buddha or the kalachakra mandala on Google Images. Also, I do Tai Chi sets when I'm bored. Hotboy

Hotboy said...

Now that I think on it, I don't know what any of those computery things are. I'll check them out tomorrow at work. How educational! Hotboy