Friday, January 12, 2007

The Honeymoon is over

Thanks Arwen for the poke!

She asked me if was sucked into the world of cable T.V. And as exciting as that sounds, if it were literally possible, its not even true in the mundane sense. The bonus of cable TV...I get to see House without the snow. And yes, if only for that...its worth it!

Whats happened to me? Work happened. After spending time in front of the computer pretty much all day, the thought of plunking in front of it, and typing something out now seems like an anal probe. Yeah, squirm in your seats, I just did.

And thats the big reason really, nothing dramatic or exciting or traumatic, I am still adjusting to the full time work world...and guess what folks, as much as I wanted this to happen, here is a clear example of the drawbacks. Its nice not having to complain of office politics, if that is any consolation.

We survived the holidays - what little I had. Funny enough, everyone came down with some nasty GI pukey thing. And Aidan and Harry managed to wretch on the 25th. We still managed to have fun. And a classic sign that I am fully I lay in bed, on what should have been the first day back to work post Christmas, I was thankful that I had the dry heaves, and had the chance to lie in bed all day long. Sad? Its true!

I just got back from a work related conference where the topic of blogs came up. The speaker mentioned that when someone begins a blog, there is a great plethora of posting and fervent activity, and then after a while, it just becomes work. Yes, this is what has happened. Not that all work necessarily is bad...but I guess I can commit to putting more effort into this...not to mention the fact that I am over my new employee personae and can now muster up the gall to blog at work. Maybe I should not have admitted this. Just for the record, this was all a complete lie!

More soon...I hope!


robmcj said...

Since it was an in-house training course that originally introduced me to blogging, I have a ready excuse for blogging at work, though not for some of the material I post.

Glad to hear you're OK now. Regards to Eric.

hotboy said...

My work has blogged blogger! Nice to see you posting again! Sorry about the diseases over the holidays and you having a full time job. Couldn't hack that myself. If Eric's started smoking again, just tell him to stop again! Glad that's one thing I don't have to do this January! Hotboy

TrudyJ said...

House without snow ... well worth the price of cable.

Arwen said...

Glad you are back. I understand the downside of blogging and sitting in fron of a computer all day. Sometimes you really don't want to post after being in front of a computer all day.

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