Monday, July 31, 2006

Power words, redux

Ah, another week of unemployment. I need to get out and start visiting potential employers, and talking with HR people. First, I need to find a sitter. The latter is more challenging than the former. I was looking forward to doing this quasi pavement pounding when Eric took vacation, but he wants to go hither and know go to Prince Edward Island, off to Fundy...I want to stay home and job search. I know. My option is way less vacation like and far more boring. My inner panic is starting to kick in. I figure, if I just get one interview, it will be a step forward.

And here is another thing I learned this week. I noticed that most of the jobs are posted on Monday, Tuesday and Fridays. I wonder if this is a trend? A quirky week? I'll keep you posted.

Second, I keep wondering, when it comes to resumes, what catches someone's eye? Or maybe it is more helpful to ask, which resumes are more likely to be ignored (isn't it most of them)? Is it really a competition amongst the happy and power words? Sometimes I wonder how much it is compared to know each company has to compete for its limited market in a sea of other competetors and ads. Granted, some work, some are forgettable. But sometimes even the really bad ones are memorable.

So, when you are stripped of the jingles, the video, the catchy fonts, color spreads on glossy paper, scented inserts, you are left with a plain sheet of bond paper - not parchament, not any striking or colored, with a standard 12 point serif font, nothing more nothing less. I've read that flourishing is a big turn off. And yes, I was the grade six keener who tied her submitted reports with ribbon...
All you are left are the power words. And I have the sense, that someone working at a video store counter for 10 years has the potential to offer enough power words to apply for lucrative CEO positions in a leading financial institution.

Okay, when all you are left with power words, which ones WORK?

I am figuring that must be the key.

All this underscores this assumption...I have the experience, education, know how...I think I just need to put it out there. I need to sell myself in the right way to the right people. I figure, if I have already been doing so, I would have already gotten a call. Or at least an acknowledgement. Perhaps this is the wrong approach?

I might as well add this...if you think you have kick-but resume writing skills and want to offer me some suggestions...e-mail me at and I'll forward you my resume for your persusal and critique.

Until then,

Wish me luck


hotboy said...

Isn't nepotism far easier? Don't you know somebody? Nobody would employ me if I lost my job! Especially if they knew anything about me. But you can email me your resume if you like, not that I know anything about them. It's madyamika2000****at***yahoo.***

Arwen said...

I think the word leverage is one of those power words...
'Ms Samsara_mom has leveraged her vast field experience to keen the interest of her students.'

Know what I mean? I know this is crazy but the Dilbert website tends to have good power words:
that site has both mission statement generators and performance review generators, both tend to have alot of power words. I now it sounds ridiculous but it has worked for me in the past.