Sunday, February 05, 2006

Movie Night

Eric is still sequestered up north, (here, specifically I have not heard from him in a week. This is generally not troublesome. I suspect that his phone is at base camp, and he is off freezing his nuts off on the tundra. While Eric glaciates various parts of his anatomy, I tend to all matters on the homestead. This includes being entertainment director. Today this included getting the gang out for a nice walk, since it was a balmy +8C here when it ought to have been -35C. I also played a couple rounds of Scrabble Jr, and then I rented movies for "movie night". I snatched up a copy of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, since it was the only new release that seemed to satisfy our movie night needs.

I gave it to Harry to hold in the van, since he is the resident movie buff. He announced that he was not watching it. "Is it okay if I go to bed instead of having movie night and popcorn?" While such a statement can send any parent reeling in glee, I was struck rather sad. I tried to play up the coolness of the film - the main character's voice is the same as Willy Wonkas, it's got cool animation, music, I would have even raved the praises of the director, if such things were important in his universe. I suspect this may be something he'll pay attention to in grade one, if not by grade 2. For the time being, the production company reigns most important. Morgan Creek currently reigns superior - although they tend to make crappy movies. Harry knew the release date of Two for the Money on DVD, a few weeks in advance - just because it was a Morgan Creek film.

He was quite insistent on NOT watching the Corpse Bride - maybe he has read some unsavoury online reviews? I tried to find a trailer so he could see how cool it is. (I hope you are getting that movie night, really is all about my entertainment needs) The movie's official site is a really annoying flash animation maze, and locating the trailer did not mesh with Harry's waning attention and vehement opposition to it. Then it occurred to me. Finally I asked:
"Harry, why don't you want to see it?"
"Because it's bad"
"Why is it bad?"
"Because it is scary"
" What are you scared of?"
"It has bugs in it. Let's watch
The Brothers Grimm instead"

I have to admit that I am impressed with that suggestion, and even considered it for a second. My first concern, is hitting play on Corpse Bride before someone recommends Spongebob the Movie. I promised Harry that we could snuggle on the couch and eat lots of popcorn and drink pop. I know bribery will try and get you anywhere.

Then it struck me all of a sudden how cruel and unusual I had suddenly become. Why was I pushing a movie that would make my kid scared? What kind of a sick and twisted mother have I become? Clearly, I was in need of another visit from the Social Worker. This harkened me back to my childhood. When I was a wholesome girl of 8, my mother took me to the drive-in and we watched The Amityville Horror. She had read the book, sae Donohue, and was psyched. She also was sure to tell me that this was all based on a true story. Despite the significance of our mother-daughter bonding, there was a terrible thunderstorm after that movie and I was anxious of Satanic possession for at least a decade. She had no idea how damaged I was. Of course I find this all wildly hilarious that this experience harkened my own spiritual development. So of course, me, Amityville, Corpse Bride and Harry - have I spiralled in some strange fantastical loop? Here I am, in a weirdly similar place.

"Mom, are we going to watch Tim Burton soon?" He asked me about ten minutes ago.

Perhaps I was a bit premature in guessing his interest in Directors.


hotboy said...

The aerial view of Iqaluit is very impressive. Well, an impressive view of not very much!! Hotboy

hotboy said...

Don't you think it would be a help for someone to invade a place like that? Hotboy

Heather said...

The problem is that people intelligent enough to survive in that climate are already living there ;)

Stephen (aka Q) said...

Clearly, I was in need of another visit from the Social Worker.


Glad you can now look back on that experience and make jokes about it!

MC Etcher said...