Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Unusually Quiet

If you ask Eric, he'd probably say that it is highly unlike me to be so quiet.

The first week back in the normal routine it the toughest. And hopefully it will end with grace and dignity. If not that, then some chips and dip and a good movie. And some blogging.
I've had all sorts of inspiration about what to write about, none of which I am going to allude to - because it seems that whenever I do, I never seem to get to it.

Tonight, is my first official speaking engagement as a "Buddhist". I am participating in a lay ministry workshop that introduces a multi-faith perspective on one topic or another. This year, the theme is "peace". I can't decide if I have over or under prepared. I tried to keep it minimal, since I am well known for being chatty. Unlike my habits as of late on the Big Picture.

So I am around, and I have not thrown in the towel. The pressure to perform - (writing) - is definately tangible. Eric has been bugging me to update, and all of a sudden, with all that pressure comes writers block. Why is that? And no I am not blaming Eric. His enthusiasm should movtivate me. Sometimes figuring out even myself is a long arduous process...oi!

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hotboy said...

You should be allowed to have a fused brain at this time of the year. It's mild here. Nowhere near freezing. Hotboy