Monday, December 19, 2005

Thus endeth the first annual Mincemeat Blog festival

Here is a brief history of Mincemeat

It appears that my recipe is pretty traditional - and about 500 years old at that. Eric and I keep sticking our noses in it, inhaling deeply and soaking in the rich spiciness. It has a tangy quality, and a lovely glossy sheen. It will be absolutely divine in a nice homemade pastry with a huge dollop of whipping cream.

So, for those of you who have never dared maketh the Myncemeat, it's pretty simple. I suppose you could even half the recipe so you do not yeild such gargantuan proportions.

And here is the finished product. And the good news, there is relatively few dishes to clean.


hotboy said...

All this stuff look delicious! Good food tastes fantastic when you don't eat much variety of stuff.
Couldn't believe it! Inqaluit is on the telly tonight! "Residents create ice sculptures and discuss global warming". Hope they also mention beer, rum and eggnogs!! Hotboy

McSwain said...

Wow! This is so interesting. I swear I can almost smell it. Now how or with what do you eat mincemeat!

hotboy said...

Yon place Eric is going to in Forbisher Bay looked like a real fun town. Casinos, Tom Jones on stage every night, shows, dancing girls ...don't know what Eric was complaining about! You could even find out what all these different names for snow meant. What larks! Hotboy

MC Etcher said...

Mmn, yummy. Too bad you're 5000 miles away!