Sunday, October 30, 2005

Going to the Movies: The Conclusion

Friday night at the movies was quickly ixnayed when I discovered that it was a dusk to dawn of horror flicks. Aidan might have enjoyed that experience, but I most likely would have had to use one of his diapers.

Saturday afternoon he had nap. This made me leery of the movie thing. What I did not want, was a spry, active bouncing off the walls Aidan. I began to doubt my decision, but knew I had to give it a whirl, not because I promised Aidan, but because I blogged about it first. Sad. You don't need to tell me that. So I decided to bring Owen, and promised Harry that he and Daddy could go to Sunday's matinee. Harry seemed to like the evening of having daddy all to himself, so everyone was a winner in this decision. God, I love when that happens. I thought Owen could be an extra set of hands, just in case. Yes I was using him, but he got a free movie out of the deal. I loaded the two of them in the van with a great deal of trepidation.

I could not have picked a better night. The base theatre sits about 500. It's bigger than any of the Famous Player theatres in town. 50 people might have shown up for the evening viewing of Wallace and Gromit. Perfect. I thought...if Aidan decided to run around, there will not be all that many people to annoy. And if he decides to loudly protest my halting his big fun, he likewise will not piss off too many people. He might even get away with a bit of running around...

Aidan is learning the craft of shadowing me well, I notice. His sense of space between he and I is still far too wide for my sense of security - but I can sense definate progress. He stuck close, unhanded as I purchased tickets and concessions. He walked with Owen as I balanced the popcorn and soda. He followed remarkably well as I found stragetically placed seating. (Nothing too close to anyone, and a well plotted escape route). Remember, this is Aidan's first movie experience...we are in uncharted territory here.

He had a rousing game of flip the seat up and down until the lights dimmed. He did not seem all that interested in running around. So far so good. I am always hesitant in making those kind of conclusions too soon - for fear of future disappointment. There was an animated short featuring the Penguins from Madagasgar. Aidan's eyes widened in rapt moment commenced! Then and there my plans were fulfilled. I even got a bit verklempt.

He was far too little to sit in the theatre seat properly (he isn't heavy enough to keep the seat down), so I plopped him on my knee. He snuggled back and watched the entire Wallace and Gromit feature. He even chattered with joy during the final scenes with Gromit and the airplane. He quite liked that part. When the movie was over, we all piled back into the van and I could hardly believe how successful that adventure was. Aidan has been inducted into the dominant paradigm, a veritable Chomskian tuning out, and his mother the realist/pessimist, is glad she expected the very worst.

Because sometimes it works out all the wrong way.


hotboy said...

That sounds great! Hotboy

MC Etcher said...

So cute! I have to admit, I got somewhat verklempt just reading your description.

I think it's high time we had kids, I ooh and ahh over little ones as much as Cindy does. It'll be a couple more years though...

Mary P. said...

Awww... All that so-wise and practical preparation, the planning for the worst while not-quite hoping for the best, and DOING IT ANYWAY - I'm so impressed! And thrilled for you all that it worked out so well.

It is out of such small triumphs that happy childhoods (and joyfully relieved mommas) are made.