Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Another Brick in the Wall

Back to School has arrived.

Aidan, my sweet Aidan. He is in that inbetween age - where they act all tired and cranky in the afternoon, and will nap, but the problem being not the nap - but being wired and way too full of energy at 11pm. So, Aidan went to bed rather willingly, but ran out of sleep - between 3 and 4 this morning. This being the eve on his first day back to preschool.

When we dropped him off, he immediately burst into tears. Not surprising. This year he has graduated from the babies and toddlers room to the 3 &4's upstairs. When I took him up, he literally skipped down the hall to his room. And he gleefully chattered as he inspected all the stations. I predict that this will last a day before the seperation crying will again ensue.

Owen was followed by dad looking like a Japanese tourist with his Sony HandyCam. Owen was keeping a couple steps ahead just so he could maintain any hint of coolness. We met his teacher. He is in a 2-3 combined class. His teacher says fabulous alot.

Harry does starts on Friday. Schools in this area have this ridiculous policy of having one day of school for the first week for kindergarten kids ("So we won't overwhelm them" they claim.) Hello? They need to go Monday-Friday the next week! Poor Harry does not not know wto do with himself. He is alone. No one to pick on him, take his toys or scare the crap out of him. He curled up and the couch and sighed, with a blanket over his head.

And I am gearing up for my first class on Thursday. This means some tweaking my course outline, getting my website up and refitted. I rue my return!! I was so excited about teaching Health Healing and Religions, but this time around, I'd druther get an anal probe. Again, I am hoping that meeting the students can offer me an about face. I intend on getting each one of them to keep a blog as well. I experimented with this during my intersession course (HHR) and it was enthusiastically recieved. In fact, some of the students begged me to convert other faculty members to adopt blogging rather than using HTML. That was a good ego stroking. I also learned how to use the comments in an interesting way. Later in the term, we will spend some time reviewing what issues generate the most responses, discussion or debate and then do some academic research based on those issues.

Anyway. I am hoping that my crazy hectic life will still offer a small window to allow me to continue blogging here. I was so neglectful, remember? I can't imagine 8 months of utter neglect!

When I get the courses online I'll start offering tours. Until then, I best be off and finish as much before the 2:10 dismissal.


Kim said...

I LOVE the new look for your blog! Very pretty and very you :-)

Hope the boys had a good first day of school. S started today too.

Mary P. said...

Back to school for the kids! It's exciting and sad all at the same time. And back to school for you, too: for that part, I'm only envious.

Here's hoping that once everyone has settled in, it will tick along like the proverbial well-oiled machine.

Susan said...

Hello from your academic geek friend--I'm totally excited about your classes and their blogs! Can we see them? Get the syllabus up, baby--I can't wait!

And hooray for school starting! I still have one child at home--argh.

hotboy said...

Aye, a webpage for a course outline? How could I see that? Hotboy

Candace said...

Woot! I love the start of school. If only I was *ready* for it this year!

MC Etcher said...

How cute! Can't wait for my own little ones (which we are yet to have) to head off to school.

I'll be there with a camera too.

MC Etcher said...

Very nice new header art!!

(Hmn, the word verification letters are frighteningly close to cthulhu)

robmcj said...

mc etcher - I almost put cthulhu in my top 10. Did you know you were psychic?