Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Resident Evil Cake.

There was a grand total of 2 days of sunshine in May in these here parts. I kid ye not. Otherwise it was raining, going to rain or just about to rain. After a long and cold winter, after running outside to warm the van in -35C, after the 6 pairs of mits and boots, three hats, scarves, coats and snowpants - we demand our sunny warm spring weather. And I mean demand!

So the month of May was a total washout - even in the most literal of senses (local flooding to boot!) The folks in these parts claim there has never been a May like it in memory. "Great," I begin ruminating, "we now witnessing the effect of golbal warming - the winters get longer and colder and the sun never shines in the spring". When I think global warming, being that I am in Canada and all, I imagine palm trees, even deserts, complete with tumbleweeds and cactus. Global warming isnt such a bad thing when you spend 3/4 of your time ass high in snow. But I do not mean that seriously. This blog is not trying to promote Canada's non-participation in Kyoto.

The first week of June arrived, with little fanfare, and the desperate hope that the clouds would part, the birds would chirp serendipitously, and the sun would shine cheerfully. We would even notice that yes, there really is a smiley face on the sun. Harry was born at the beginning of June so I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. He said, "I want a Resident Evil cake". That threw me for a loop. Resident Evil? He seems to think that every movie comes with its respective theme cake. Harry has been watching far too many trailers on the internet wouldnt you say? Do I need to mention that there will only be 5 candles on his Resident Evil cake? Can you imagine the look I'll get from the baker when I make such a request? I think it would be possible. Lots of black and blue frosting, and we could dress a barbie in black leather...what lengths a mothers love will take huh?

Incidentally. There was no Resident Evil cake. There was a Caramilk cake. And it was enjoyed by all. I also gave my first weapon as a matter how painful it was to me. He wanted a light sabre. I went birthday shopping with his older brother, and he chose it. Anyway, Harry has carried that Light-Sabre everywhere. He has even started sleeping with it. He took it camping this weekend. You know, it will come in handy for those stray Imperial troopers hiding in the woods. I had to rationalize that if learning is through play, I'd druther he learn the ways of the force, over being a cowboy or cop gone awry.

And despite everyone's pessimism, the sun did actually shine this week. In fact it hasnt stopped. And can you imagine that the thermometer has peaked past 30C for more than 2 days in a row What? You have no idea what the meaning of 30C means? You are still stuck in the stoneage of Fahrenheit? Let me help....convert now. With the onslaught of that funny thing called warm weather and sunshine - I've been spending all my days outside, in my garden (which was desperately stunted due to our cold and wet May). I've been watching my kids ride their bikes, stub their toes and climb trees. Who has time for blogging when there are lilacs in bloom to sniff? Who has time to blog when you realize that last years cleome's are now sprouting up everywhere...when you don't really want to plant cleome again. I think I'll stick with the State Fair Zinnias, but they succumb to powdery mildew alot. Anyway...I haven't been computer bound much. Yes yes. I am FULL of excuses these days, arent I?

Soon, I'll be able to blog in the great outdoors. I am getting a laptop!


Kim said...

This post is so funny, I don't know where to start with my comments. So, happy birthday, Harry! Yes, I did convert 30C to discover that's 86 F. Nice weather! It will be 85 and steamy today(29.4444444 degrees C) here, as the weather guy says. Me, I kill plants, so good luck with that! And, I loved your wedding picture.

Litany said...

You sound like a good Mom! And a lot of times, that probably means saying "no" to most requests.

5 year olds definitely don't need Resident Evil cakes... unless they mean the video game, not the movie. Joking!!

Hope you enjoy the laptop. I find myself tethered to power supplies more than I'd like. The internal battery life is too short!

If you have a choice in batteries, get the longest lasting one you can!