Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Diary of a Fridge

Diary of a Fridge
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Question for you...what is the world population of Fridges? One Billion? Two?

Dear Diary

Sniff! I'm a bit under the weather these days. They took my temperature the other day and they said that I was a little warm. Then some guy in a uniform came over, took one look at me and said that I had to be taken in. I guess the extent of my problems is more complicated than first suspected. But how could this be happening? I am so young, brought into this house in the spring of '03.
I have a temp arriving on Friday. That's when I am going in for more tests and procedures. In the meantime they have started using the most primitive of devices in my absense...the cooler. At one time, I thought I was irreplaceable, that modern living was not possible without my kind. I was told, however, that there are people in this world who live without us. How can that be? They did not design me to ressemble 2001's Monolith for nothing. I am iconic. I don't take up all that space and electricity for nothing. And what's with all these accusations that we're punching holes in the ozone?

My recent demise has also affected how they shop. Instead of stocking up, they buy what they need for the day. Right now, I am unplugged, containing nothing but condiments. How many condiments does one actually need? Is there really a demand for THIS many pickles? I must be careful with my questions, or they may not accept me back.

In the meantime, please do not get angry at me for my condition. I am your friend. Your lifestyle totally depends on me. Are you going to continue purchasing ice? Where else are you going to post all the relevant family information? Who else will chill your beer?

Yours truly,

The Fridge.

P.S. Here is a snapshot of a few of my cousins. I am way to young to suffer the same fate.

Pile o' Fridges


Kim said...

Dear Little Frigey,

I am saddened to learn of your ailments. I do hope you are out of the hospital and back to work soon. Of course, we are concerned for your health, but you do have a very important job: you are the keeper of messages and artwork, and you protect our mosts important summer treats--ice cream! Without you, there is no ice cream. Uh...unless the ice cream truck stops by. But, don't worry about that. I'm sure things will be fine. Yeah. Get well soon! I'm sure the boys miss you. Then again, that little camper boy might think it's pretty cool to eat out of a cooler. Don't worry. I know his mom is on your side!

Anonymous said...

great post (and all your others - i just finished reading your archives - yes,i have that much time on my hand at work). i'll try and make it back, to read future posts - although i can't garuntee that. it really is hard to keep up with all the blogs out there ;-)