Monday, April 18, 2005

Just to remind you: I am still playing hookie. In fact, at this very moment, I am procrastinating. I just started grading my two courses...and the mountain of reading and evalutation seems like I am sitting in Kathmandu looking up at Everest...its such long way up...and will be painful getting there. And when I get there...I have to start all the work over again (and do course #2).

Our littlest one is extremely sick. He has a flu/Norwalk virus. For two days he vomitted and dryheaved, 2 days after he had a desperate cough and trouble breathing and after a trip to the ER, a double ear infection and swimmers ear. Poor guy. With his lack of appetite, he also had a bout of constipation. Oh, and he fell down and scraped his face too. He needs some better karma. So far, he's been parked on the couch and watching movies. You know a two year old is sick when they don't get off the couch. You know they are that sick when they won't even eat cookies. Its that bad. Poor feller.

Of course I am afraid that I will suffer the same demise - especially when I am under tight deadlines - I need to get my grading done this week, and then I only have next week to get my Intersession course together. Having the flu from hell would be just my luck...and throw a serious wrench into my schedule. Of course it could be much worse. Have you read what's happening in Angola with the Marburg Virus? Very scary. People are hiding their loved ones from medical aid workers (who want to quarantine them) - its not contained yet. These things freak me out. Heck with the four horsemen of the apocalypse...I fear the plagues. Locuses would not be fun either.

Okay...I am rambling. Nothing insightful or cheekie today folks. The papers are calling me...taunting me...teasing me...ugh. For all you folks bemoaning your examinations: the other side of is just as evil. You may spend three hours in an examination - I spend five times that with the same questions and the range of brilliant to desperate responses....

I'll take all the pity I can get

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Robin said...

I'll grade your papers if you take my tests!!